Imagine… Modi and Rahul playing “Truth or Dare”!

Supporters and media mesmerized, while Modi dares Rahul Gandhi to speak 15 minutes on Siddaramaiah govt’s achievements in Karnataka.

Since yesterday, most of the News Channels and newspapers in India are under some strange state of sense of pride (in Hindi, “Bhav Vibhor”) over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dare to Rahul Gandhi. In their words,

“In an all out attack against Rahul Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dared the Congress president to speak about the Siddaramaiah government’s achievements in Karnataka for 15 minutes, without referring to a written speech”.

It would have been acceptable if the supporters of the respective parties were jumping over one another to tell who the dared the other, first. But here, it is the media which is running prime time or first page articles Karnataka truth or dare, slowest wins, modi dares, rahul gandhi dares, karnataka elections, Siddaramaiah govtclarifying it was Rahul Gandhi challenging the Prime Minister first. The prime minister just responded, that too while addressing an election rally in Santhemarahalli in Karnataka. Where PM Modi was sharing the dais with BJP’s chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa.

Now what, we the people can atleast ensure, is that the two don’t end up fighting each other. No, we are not talking about supporters. We are talking about Modiji and Rahul Gandhi. after all it is just, “Truth and Dare”!

Really!… what are we witnessing here?

A game of “Truth or Dare”?

Will important questions be reduced into a public spectacle?

Frankly speaking. Unless they chose to leave the main subject as per their convenience, it will be difficult for both to speak for 15 minutes. For Rahul, the dare may itself be a challenge, for Modi who is fond of one liners such as “Naamdaars vs kaamdaars” (One who have big names, vs those who have big deeds), it may be the truth, or vice-versa. So it will be difficult for both to speak for that long. So the winner will be the one who speaks less even in the stipulated time (15 minutes). In “Truth or Dare” type gaming terminology, it can be a cycle race where the person who reaches the finish line last, wins.