Modi shouldn’t have broken Protocol for Chinese President!

I read a lot. But not all books make one intelligent, or more aptly , Wise. Only some books cut to the league. One such book , which I read recently is former Diplomat Natwar Singh’s autobiography. I have a feeling that if one reads this book from cover to cover, he/she will learn a lot about Life and people.

Give you an example.

At one point in the book, Mr. Natwar Singh criticises Nehru’s policy towards China. He finds him over friendly in his conduct with China. According to Mr. Singh, the biggest problem with Jawaharlal Nehru’s engagement with China, was that he took his personal views and trust for Chinese leadership and Chinese ancient history, as China’s diplomatic policy. It never felt to the Indian PM that for any country , her self interest is paramount. Friendships of mortals do matter, but not to the extent that they result in 360 degrees policy change of countries. That’s why reversals are real in diplomacy. If Natwar Singh’s experience in diplomacy is given some weightage, then according to him diplomacy is all about adhering to protocols, presenting a confident self and extending that much cordiality, which is necessary for the occasion.

Under this light, Indian PM Narendra Modi shouldn’t have broken Protocol for Chinese President Xi Jinping!