When Modi Supporters Told Rajdeep Sardesai — ” USA is not Pakistan”!

Much is being made out of as to how Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai manhandled a narendra Modi fan outside the Madison Square Garden in Midtown Manhattan, New indian english media, hindutva frenzied mob, modi supporters, rajdeep sardesai, sardesai in usaYork, ahead of Narendra Modi show. As a Journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai must not have pushed the guy, no matter how much agitated he was. But only one thing which excuses Sardesai from such behavior was that he was outnumbered by a frenzied mob that was trying to overwhelm him. Apart from self defense, Rajdeep Sardesai can have no other excuse. And the question to be asked is: Is he getting overwhelmed to such a degree that he feared safety of his person?

This you decide. After all if a politician has the right to defend and preach his ideology through such supporters then doesn’t a journalist has the right to ensure his own safety?

In the video clip below, when Rajdeep said this is America, a man in the mob says yes this is not Pakistan. And the crowd support him in unison. When Rajdeep said the world has changed, another gentleman from crowd replied yes but you have not changed.

A simple reasoning for those who are willing to Listen

India has not yet become Pakistan. But it has surely not become United States as well. That apart, why was Rajdeep being sloganed against? Because he doesn’t support Modi ji? Or because he stopped supporting Modi ji?

If India were Pakistan, or if United States were Pakistan, then all this crowd couldn’t have shouted slogans and aired their perception about Rajdeep Sardesai.

If the country were India and not USA, the sheer frenzy of this mob suggests that they would have lynched Sardesai.  If they can corner their countryman outside India, then imagine what they would have have done in India, where a section of people have received licensed sort of to defend anything Modi and Hindutva.

If this country was not United States then a 4 million or 40 Lakh Indian minority could not have created such a frenzy. It’s surprising that these Indians in America (PIOs), who themselves are a minority in USA, actively benefiting from pro minority laws in that country, keep shouting Pakistan, minority appeasement and one big Hindu monolith. That too when USA with a 350 million population is predominantly Christian.

These ruckus creating PIOs in US are the last people to advise India on its basic character. That basic character is: India is a multi religion, multilingual and multiethnic country. And we are proud of our diverse character and rich culture. A culture which keeps gaining from its multi religion, multilingual and multiethnic reality.