NOT Modi vs Others in 2019 General Elections

The mega rally of 22 parties has made the party in Government, the BJP, somewhat uneasy.

May be that is the reason why the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has made all sort of remarks in the past three days, ranging from —

“If they get satisfaction from bad mouthing Modi, then let they get the satisfaction.”

“The mega coalition is a nexus of corruption and negativity.”


“The opposition has Money power and we have people’s support.”


It is not new with the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Most of his assertions are “He” vs “Them”.

But there are some points which must be noted here.

PM Narendra Modi, modi attacks mega coalition, modi vs maha gathbandan, bjp richest party, modi 3 word slogansWhen BJP came to power in 2014, it was purely a “Modi vs Indian National Congress (the party in Government)” fight. 31 percent of the voters showed faith in an individual; and the BJP-coalition came to power.

But situation is very different today. It is NOT Modi vs Others now; and not even in 2019 General Elections.

Modi, BJP and BJP-led coalition has nearly 5 years of governance behind them. In this situation, the slogans which worked 5 years ago, will not work now. Now the same slogans (mentioned above) by Modi, reflect a visible lack of confidence.

A significant number of people will now ask,

Why does Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi keep repeating the same vague slogans, when he must present the achievements of his Government clearly and factually!

To conclude, it is difficult to understand why the Prime Minister of India thinks that the political rivals get a satisfaction by criticizing him. It is more realistic to believe that the political rivals are criticizing him and his Government because of the bad Governance and Government’s wrong policies.

That said, a quick fact check here: According to various reports and election commission records, at present — BJP is richest party (on the basis of party funds) in India. It is followed by the INC. But on the basis of funds(money), the INC is a distant second (has much less funds than the BJP). And the reasons are obvious.