Modi’s Lok Sabha Address proves: He has No Respect for Poor

Replying to the motion of Thanks to President’s Address in the 2015 Budget Session, PM Narendra Modi termed NREGA or MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee Act) as one of the biggest failures of the previous Congress Government. Patting himself on the back for having the political understanding or Political Wisdom, Mr. Modi revealed to the Nation that he has no plans to stop NREGA. As, as per Mr. Modi, NREGA is the monument of Congress’s dismal performance in the last 60 years. A showing, where Congress has to make people fill ditches even in 2005.

No surprise, Mr. Modi’s Government has no plans to end MNREGA. Just as BJP Government, after forming Government with PDP in J&K, has no plans to abolish Article 370. The party now sees Article 370 as something necessary to make a connect with the J&K. 

No surprise, Mr. Modi sees MNREGA as an utter failure. It’s all in the perspective. Those who have a view that every river bank must be turned into a river front, so that it appeals to the eye of the rich, will see non-cemented pond or canal in a village as a failure.

That apart, Mr. Modi will see a pond or canal thus created, as No Asset Creation. Which is not true as Well. One, as even science doesn’t advise every surface to get cemented. Two, even when one tries, it’s not possible.

PM Modi’s Address in Lok Sabha trivialized a very important Act. It showed least respect for the poor as the speech made a mockery of the poor in the country. It misinformed the country by telling that MNREGA is meant for Asset Creation. Which it’s not.

NREGA is a way to give employment to a person who has no employment and skills to get employed. It’s a practical approach to feed the poor and help him feed his family and fulfill their bare needs. If schemes like NREGA are scrapped off, believing in Mr. Modi’ lofty idea of skill development, then many people will remain hungry and deprived. After all even skill development takes time and resources to give the results. That apart, how many skilled people industry can absorb? And that too at what wages?

It’s one thing to get employed; it’s entirely another get a wage which allows to live with dignity.

An unskilled person can get the satisfaction from digging pits. Can the same be said for someone who’s educated and sees himself as skilled?

In short, what will be the use of such employment where educated and skilled young men and women are hired by industries through a manpower contractor, that too on shameful wages!

It’s hard to believe that “Make in India” will employ every farmer displaced from his land and every Indian made skilled.

Unfortunately PM Modi’s Lok Sabha Address lacked content and appeared to be following the proverb: When Nothing defends you, then Aggression is the Best Defense.

But this is understandable. After all BJP has much to Answer on Land Acquisition Act, inflation etc. Anna’s movement has proved that no one’s buying Modi Government’s defense that: Our Land Acquisition Bill is better than Rahul Gandhi’s. People have started demanding answers from the Modi Government : Tell us how Your Bill is Better? People Ask.