Mohali ODI: Ishant Sharma’s stupendous Single Handed Show!

A few thoughts after Ishant Sharma’s stupendous single handed show last night…at Mohali ODI.

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Carefree Ishant

If there are two kind of batsmen in the world, Sachin Tendulkar and the others; There are two kind of bowlers in the world, Ishant Sharma and then the others!

There are some bowlers like Shane Warne, who give Cricketing equivalent of orgasm to fans with their bowling performance. Then there is Ishant Sharma who gives diarrhoeal equivalent feelings to
fans and drains them with his ‘blowing’ performance!

The last time Ishant Sharma won a match for India, it was actually Morgan and Bopara who did it !

My BSNL mobile internet is exactly like Ishant Sharma. It has a network as wide and elaborate as Ishant’s hairdo and it is all over the place like his line and length. But seldom works and when it
works, it does so by default!

Virat Kohli must be the unluckiest batsman on this earth. Not only does Ishant Sharma play for India but also Virat’s Ranji team Delhi. Twice as unlucky !

If Ishant Shrma were to be a South American soccer player, he would have been among the stars by now. After being shot by some fanatic!

With his unending mane, Ishant Shrama more than makes up for the lack of hair on the scalps of Sehwag, Dhawan and all. With his never ending repertoire of donkey drops, he can more than
make up for all the runs these people can score!


Ishant Sharma’s actual mission of playing is to impart the greatness on Virat Kohli. If Ishant doesn’t concede all those runs, how will Kohli score his ?