Mohan Das Pai wrongly says Universities not meant for Politics

A person linked to Infosys throughout his life, Mohan Das Pai has this to say about the anti-India slogan shouting in JNU. He in his opinion piece says :

Dear JNU Students, We Fund Your Studies, Not Your Politics

The above line is the basic thought of the write-up; and everything else being said is just an attempt to make his opinion look more intelligible.

First of all, to this day, it’s not proved, who shouted the slogans. It may be an act of sabotage as well. As the person who has been arrested, is never seen making such slogans. In every video footage we see, there’s an unrecognizable or unseen group of people making the slogans.

Secondly, Mr. Mohan Das Pai is wrong in saying that Universities are not meant for politics.

If the case had not been so, then there wouldn’t be democratic elections in Universities, contested and participated by Students wings of various political parties, their supporters and students.

It is wrong to say that the Universities are not meant for politics. And irrespective of who funds them, they will remain so. The Shashi Tharoor speech in which he held the British responsible for bleeding India to poverty; and demanded compensation from the former colonial power, was also made inside a University campus, which is run by that country’s peoples’ money.

To conclude, it has become a fashion to use tax payers money, without explaining who they are.

If politics is about giving voice to the poor, the unprivileged and the marginalized sections of society; then Mr. Pai’s argument that universities are not for politics, doesn’t stand ground. As the lump sum of taxes to the Government are contributed by the poor. Remember, they may not be contributing by way of direct taxes (eg. Income taxes, Corporate taxes), but they are paying by way of indirect taxes. To cut long explanation short, a poor man helps the Nation build Universities, which he or his children never study in. In contrast, Mohan Das Pai as a businessman (Chairman of Manipal Global Education) or philanthropist may be contributing to taxes, but remember, he as a businessman takes back in the form of  incentives to do business, life-style.

What is seen as voices in dissent in University politics are the voices of reasoning. They are an attempt to give the poor,  the unprivileged and the marginalized a voice. They are a voice which want to see rationality in all issues. Infosys or any other Company will never allow such voices, as they are primarily for profits. Thus with all due respects, Mr. Pai  is wrong when he says Universities are not meant for Politics.