More than the Congress, BJP needs to Clear its Stand

Courtesy, 60 years of rule in India; most Indians by now understand the INC’s (Indian National Congress’s) ‘Way of working’.

But BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) is still a trivia. Especially for those who want to understand its way of working.

Take for instance, the recent actions of BJP.

It shouted scam on CAG to Coal. When during its Government a decade ago, it bribed the countries to bring Common Wealth Games to India. On the coal front, its own CMs OPPOSED Coal Auction.

BJP didn’t allow the Congress to debate Coal in parliament and the entire session went down the drain. Now interestingly, BJP is asking for a Special Parliamentary Session.

A decade ago, during its Government at Centre, the BJP welcomed 100 percent FDI in Retail Sector. This means that Walmart could have opened its stores in India, without any Indian partner. Now BJP is opposing 51% FDI policy of Congress. This, when Congress has left the decision of inviting FDI to a state to the discretion of the state governments.

Last but not the least — the Diesel.

During its Government, the BJP also muted removing subsidy from Diesel; as a sizeable section of the diesel is misused as Furnace oil (furnace oil being pricier than diesel) and on cars (especially now). Now it calling the Diesel price hike undemocratic.

BJP has strange logic and a tendency to sweep, on the name of patriotism, every thing under the carpet.

If India is a country of Youth; then youth wants better logic from BJP than plain rhetoric. As better logical answers to pointed questions alone can take the country ahead. Trite logic, like: “India will see the Congress in the 2014 elections” is definitely least wanted.

The country needs: Clear policies on Diesel & LPG subsidy and on the allocation of country’s natural resources. As a principal Opposition party, BJP should help the country have a clear understanding on that. And for that an honest debate is important — Not on the roads, but in parliament, aired live to Indian televisions. More than anything, the debate will help India, know the principles of BJP on these vital issues (60 years of Congress rule has given ample opportunity to citizens to understand the Congress).

Now lets speak of Congress.

It appears that Congress has also surrendered to the logic of federalism OR “Non-interference in State matters”. The latest developments in this regard in congress ruled states is an indication to it.

After capping subsidised LPG cylinders to 7 a year; the Congress ruled states are now giving additional subsidy to the people. For instance, in Uttarakhand, 2 subsidized cylinders will be given by the state government, taking the number to 9.

This is not right.

If ‘having a government in a state’ is the only criterion to push additional benefits to the citizens; then what wrong BJP does when it doesn’t make welfare policies for Minorities in Gujarat.

Congress may be too much troubled now, But that doesn’t mean it should act in non-plus manner. The real strength of Indian democracy is its intent to take care of deprived and minority sections. Leaving things at states, always poses the risk of some state government neglecting its marginalised sections.

It should also remember that the success of Indian democracy comes from it being a Unitary state with a Federal structure.