Most People Don’t know ‘How much they should Exercise’ : Study

Exercise DurationAccording to an interesting study by Canada’s York University, people normally don’t know the time duration for which they must exercise. To conduct the study , the researchers told 129 adults in the age group of 18-64 years to do light and heavy work out. The researchers found that the people exercised lesser than what is necessary to remain healthy.
For good health these people should have exercised for 10 minutes or more daily every week. The participants exercised much lower than this.
The researchers advised the people to take advice from a doctor or qualified fitness expert as to the time duration one must exercise and its duration (daily , every alternate day etc.).

To conclude, although this is not a doctor’s advice, but if you are doing exercise to lose weight then the easiest way to know whether you’re burning calories or not , is to see whether you start emitting heat while working out. Say you are jogging, or running on treadmill, the moment you feel heat coming out of your body, you can safely assume that you’re burning calories.


[DISCLAIMER : This article is for information purposes only. Kindly consult a qualified doctor before acting on any information shared in this article.]