Moto G4 now available in India at Rs 12,499

Motorola which announced Moto G4 last month along with Moto G4 plus, has finally launched G4 in India Yesterday. It’s to be noted that the Moto G4 plus with two variants at Rs. 13,499 & Rs 14,999 is already available in India since last month.

The Moto G4 is priced at Rs. 12,499.

The Moto G4 and the G4 Plus may look quite similar; but the distinguishing points are premium camera components as well as has a fingerprint scanner.

Moto G4 key specs:

  • 5.5-inch screen with FullHD resolution, same as G4 Plus
  • Snapdragon 617 processor, the same processor powers the Moto G4 Plus
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16 GB internal storage, with support for microSD card
  • 13-megapixel rear camera, the Moto G4 Plus has 16 Megapixel camera
  • 5-megapixel front camera same as G4 plus

A  Clear Cannibalism Here : The Moto G4 and Moto G4 plus are so closely priced that the G4 plus will eat the G4.

If the buyer doesn’t want to shell out additional Rs 500-2500/- for a better camera and finger print camera then he will buy G4 instead of G4 Plus. It must be noted the with equal screen size and same form factor this is can be real possibility.

Thus one of the two will eat the other.

The cannibalistic fight will intensify if some other offerings from Motorola in the same price band are considered. This will surely hurt .

Price and Availability of Moto G4 : The Moto G 4th Gen is Exclusively at Amazon at a price of Rs 12,499.