Mouse for documentation proofreading

Inspan has launched in India Taveler 515 Laser Mouse from Genius — A Mouse for documentation proofreading. The revolutionary touch scroll laser mouse with built-in Vista hotkeys, makes it a mouse for documentation proofreading.

Key Features Genius Taveler 515 Laser — Mouse for Documentation Proofreading:

1) Innovative four way OPTO-Wheel Laser scroll technology: For the right comfort in making documents and internet browsing effortlessly.

2) Hyper-speed turbo scroll to fly through documents in seconds: Aimed at giving the users a fascinating and fast scrolling experience.

3) High resolution laser engine for a superb tracking performance: Featuring with precision laser sensor plus the high DPI resolution, Traveler 515 Laser delivers ultra smooth working performance and better surface coverage than the regular optical mouse.

4) Built-in with Vista hot keys of Flip 3D application switch and smart IE search: Flip 3D creates a three-dimensional viewing convenience for the opened window tasks and the Smart IE search allows one to search the highlighted words for all the related information listed thought IE search engine.

5) Provides DPI adjustment between 1600 and 800 dpi resolution

6) Suitable for both hand users; comfortable and handy

System Requirements or Compatibility for Genius Taveler 515 Laser Mouse :

IBM PC/ Pentium 233 compatible or higher
Windows Vista/XP/XP x64/2003/2000
Macintosh with OS X 10.2.8or later
Available USB port

Price, Availability and Warranty Genius Traveler 515: Rs 875. It comes with a warranty period of 3 years.