Movie Review Krrish 3: Copy Paste Work

Movie Krrish 3 proves that Movies which Copy Paste story line, sub-plots and sequences can no longer save their faces behind the veil of Artistic Inspiration.

This week released the much awaited movie Krrish 3. The movie Krrish 3 is the sequel of Krrish and Koi Mil Gaya (Yes, they never knew Koi Mil Gaya would be that success, else it would be christianed Krrish). Anyways, Krrish 3 stars Hrithik Roshan , Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi and Kangana Raunat in key roles. Yes, there’s a blend of old and new in the star cast.

Krrissh 3 is full of high octane chase action sequences and father son melodrama.

Directed , produced and conceptualized by Rakesh Roshan, Krrish 3, is the latest installment in a Super Hero, Roshan mastered over the years.

Movie Review Krrish 3


The Plot

In the age of globalization where a commodity, including Cinema, from one part of the world is easily accessible in other part, how can this father-son duo feel shy to do complete copy paste job in writing and in sequences. But it’s a big disrespect towards the audience, if the duo thinks the audience will not be able to nail them.

Bits & pieces to entire sequences have been copied from blockbuster Hollywood Flicks. While watching the movie, you will see inspirations from Bryan singers X-Men, where one sees Kaal Pharmaceuticals earning huge profits by creating virus and selling its anti dote. If this reminds you of MI2, that’s a valid recollection as well.

Kaal Pharma is owned By Kaal (Vivek oberoi) having super powers (aggregarte of Magneto and Prof. X). The Parma company is creating mutants to achieve two objectives for its master — One, Rule the world and; Two, get rid of paralysis.

In search of his new prey, Kaal attacks Mumbai via his mutant (virus carrier having the ability to change forms) and a war sort of begins between Kaal and the saviour Krrish.

The movie has a sub plot in which a mutant named Kaya played by Kanagana Ranaut has the ability to alter her shape and mimic any human being. Super Hero Krrish falls for Kaya.

Loop Holes

The story of Krrish 3 is big disappointment. The script lacks the originality, making Krrish 3 is the weakest of all the installments.

Another weak point of the movie is its music. Music by Rajesh Roshan is a complete failure. None of Krrish 3’s songs have a shelf life of even a week. The one exception is the song ‘Dil Kahne Laga’ ; but unfortunately the way the song has been shot cuts it short of glory.

For most part of the movie, the look of Kaal , is pale yellow. And once he acquires physical strength he starts looking like a PATTA GOBHI. The culprit here is the layering and patch work in his costumes.

The technical aspects also look much ignored. For instance in the song ‘ God, Allah or Bhagwan’, you will notice no shadows for Krishna and Rohit. This makes the entire song look computer generated.


Hrithik is convincing in triple role — Rohit Mehra (Father) ,Krishna and Krrish .Whenever he flips from one role to another, the movie theater roars with claps, whistles and hoots. As usual, Hrithik is delight to watch in dance sequences. He’s great in actions sequences as well.

Vivek Oberoi and Kangana Ranaut have managed to do reasonably good job; although taking struggling stars has always a flip side — they sometimes put more emotions than required. Rajpal Yadav’s talent has been totally wasted and the Director could have utilized him better.

My Ratings

In terms of originality, my childhood hero ” SHAKTIMAN ” is much better than Krrish. The movie will be liked by 5-10 year olds though. The elders with this audience will have to bear the 2 hours. They can kill that time snacking.

Movie Rating: 1.5 out of 5 Stars

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  • Vijay banerjee Jun 13, 2014, 10:13 pm

    Indian have no creative brain .indian film has no science fiction lack of fantasy movies and for their remaking behaviour from Hollywood they get worst slam response in outside. Indian film industry have much more money but they save their money they make only romance gharwali baharwali, Sanskriti etc. we are bore of theses movies .we hope for pm modi bollywood make sci fi and fantasy horror .bollywood should learn lesson from mukesh khanna and indian serial because they make more sci fi and fantasy.