Movie Review Satya 2: Hurriedly Packaged Gangster Movie

Movie Review Satya 2: Hurriedly Packaged Gangster Movie. Though has everything Ram Gopal Varma is known for.

The movie I watched this week is Satya 2.

Satya 2 is a crime thriller with zero resemblance to Satya. The reason for this is Satya 2 is not the sequel of Satya.

Satya 2, if its gets proper screening can be the remarkable comeback movie for Ram Gopal Varma. Satya 2 has the correct mix of elements that can put this movie in the league of RGV’s earlier creations like Satya and Company.

Movie Review Satya 2: Hurriedly Packaged Gangster MovieThe Plot

Satya (Puneet Singh) is a man deliberately hiding his past. He lands in Mumbai with a mission of his own. He meets construction business tycoon Lahoti (Mahesh Thakur). And soon becomes his trustworthy ally. Then Satya creates a company to fill the vacuum created by the absence of Dawood Ibraiem, Chota Rajan and Abu Salem.

Interestingly, Company is running on the naxialite ideology Why? As, it’s discloded later that Satya is a product of naxalism and ths his objctive is to see Naxal philosophy flourish in the urban landscape.


Puneet Singh as Satya is convincing. The way his eyes manage to make a connect with the viewers is great. Ram Gopal Varma is a master of capturing tension through facial emotions and autonomous body movements. For instance in the movie Sarkar, at one tense moment, a trusted aide of Sarkaar was shown mincing his teeth, an act captured from the tense movement of the jaw bone. Ram Gopal Varma’s movies are full of such wordless communications.

Although, being flat on emotions, that’s not giving much, is not a virtue for an actor; but Puneet Singh’s somewhat flat emotions while throwing dialogues, don’t appear out of place as the character demanded such a disconnect.

Anaika Soti as Satya’s wife has not much to do, although she definitely has a lot of potential. She can be seen as a beautiful distraction from highly violent screenplay. Same applies to Aradhana Gupta, playing the character of a struggling actress.

What the movie Lacked

Who needs music and dancing in a gangster movie. You can add a cabaret song in some Hotel or an item number in some gangster den, bu the moment the gangster or his shooter starts making unnecessary pelvic thrusts, he robs himself of the gangster dignity. Music and Dancing in Satya 3 are thus a big let down.

The second half of the movie cold have been better edited to shorten the movie length. The moment starts asking why for any scene, it’s time to rethink on the movie length. Background score is too loud, and many a times too irritating.

Surprisingly enough, Satya 3 never introduces the characters in the movie. Neither it takes the effort of establishing the story line. This leaves the viewers to guess on their own. This Hurry on the part of the director could have been checked.

My Rating

Over all the director managed to create an above average gangster movie. The more attentive users will also notice the Eagle view camera work which is amazing, capturing skyscrapers n Mumbai perfectly.

Only for the RGV fans who loved Company and Satya:

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars