Movie Review War Chhod Na Yaar: All Claps for Making a War Funny!

Movie Review War Chhod Na Yaar. War is always approached from Hostile viewpoints. All Claps for this movie, for Making a War Funny!

Movie Review War Chhod Na YaarThe movie I watched this week is War chhod Na yaar, much publicized as India’s first war comedy starring Sharman Joshi, Javed Jaffrey, Sanjay Mishra, Mukul Dev and Soha Ali Khan. Directed and written by Faraz Haider who earlier worked as an assistant director to Dibakar Banerjee in the movie “Oye Lucky Oye”.

Overall, conceptually and treatment-wise, the movie is a brave attempt, providing good humor (slap stick and satire both) on various situations, including sensitive ones like the delicate relations between India and Pakistan, India -US, Pakistan – China. Speaking of China, there are situational jokes on Chinese products too.

The Plot

Journalist Rut Dutta, played by Soha Ali khan, gets summoned by the Indian Defense Minister, played by Dalip Tahil. He orders her to visit the Indo-Pak border; confiding on her that a war is soon going to be declared. Dutta visits the border, where she meets Commanding Officer Rajveer Singh Rana (played by Sharman Joshi) and both fall in love.

Surprises await the young journalist

On the border, Dutta witnesses cordial, sometimes bonhomie laden relationship between soldiers of the two countries. A Pakistani officer Qureshi (played by Javed Jaffrey) seemed to have a good rapport with Rana. Another surprise was the working conditions at Pakistan Army. Captain Qureshi and his commanding officer Khan (played by Sanjay Mishra) and their forces are living in a really bad condition due to scarcity of arms and food.

Owing to the pressure from respective Governments, both the armies have to declare a war, which both want not to indulge in. How the two armies use Rut Dutta, to expose the war mongers in each countries’ top brass and how they manage to avert the war, is the primary plot of the movie.

Sub plots

Multiple plots in a movie are distracting; but this can’t be said for War Chhod Na Yaar. The movie has many sub plots, which give the movie a light feel. And many a times a smile too.

A gang of three Afghan intruders led by Mukul Dev is always determined to infiltrate into India. Every time to see their bid fail. Courtesy, an Indian under cover informer who uses different pranks on every such attempt.

Three different characters played by Dalip Tahil: One of Indian Defense Minister, another of Pakistani PM and still another of a Top US Official always grabs one’s attention.

Sharman Joshi has delivered a decent performance as an Indian Army Officer. He’s a fine actor.

After many inconsequential performances, Javed Jaffrey, seemed getting back on track with War Chhod Na Yaar. He’s a master of comic timing; and he proved that this time.

Sanjay Mishra as CO Khan is a complete party, with his situational comedy.

Other actors Mukul Dev, Dalip Tahil, Soha Ali Khan justified their role and presence.

Manoj Pahwa, the chubby man, who became a household name in India with ‘Bol Baby Bol’ and ‘Office Office’; is quite risible in the role of a Pakistani General, always busy playing video games on his mobile.

What is lacking

The story could have been a bit more interesting. That apart, there is hardly any need of songs in such a movie. A thing the director could have easily escaped from. Anyways, we can discount songs. After all Bollywood movies can’t be made without songs.

More screen time could be given to the characters played by Mukul Dev and Manoj Pahwa.

Movie Rating

The movie is great. The Director has genuinely tried and succeeded to a great extent in making the war funny; which is not a meager achievement.

I’m happy after seeing the movie. Hence let I have the liberty to be generous in my Rating.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars