MP Government’s Toilet Gift to New Brides…& some Questions!

Toilet GiftThe Shivraj Singh led Madhya Pradesh Government has decided to sponsor a toilet in the “To-be-husband’s” House of a newlywed, if there’s not toilet there. This is being seen as a new bride taking a gift of Toilet to her new home.

The Toilet Gift to Bride seems to be BJP Government’s master stroke against Jairam Ramesh’s slogan of 2012, which said : No Toilet, No Bride.

But there are some questions wrt to Toilet Gift here

What if the To-be-husband has sisters. Will they remain Toilet Less until their brother marries? OR Will such Girls have to wait till their own marriage to pee & defecate under veil?

What if the marriage doesn’t survive. If the toilet is part of Bride Gift, then how will she take it back?

Is the move encouraging dowry?

Wouldn’t it be better, if toilets are sponsored for those who don’t have capacity to build one?