Will Mr. Modi Expose himself on black money?

Ever since the Supreme Court of Indian gave the new BJP Government a dressing down for its U-turn on the issue of Black money, the BJP Government is trying hard to prove the SC’s perception wrong. How it’s doing that? By Words.

In the second installment of his Radio address to the Naion, “Man Ki Baat”, the PM Narendra Modi told the listeners that his party led Government will bring back every penny of Black money stashed abroad.

In order to sound credible, Modi tried to dispel away all the attacks on his Government, by terming such attacks as mere speculations. According to Mr. Modi, all the talk of the  Black money stashed abroad is baseless, as no one actually knows (including the SC) the real amount of Black money abroad. In order to make himself eve more serious on the black money, Mr. Modi informed the listeners that irrespective if the amount of Black money, one fact remains: The money belongs to Te Poor.

Listening to Mr. Modi on Black Money is funny for four reasons.

One, if all the embellishments from his speech are removed, then he sounds like Congress, irrespective of the fact whether Congress told the truth to Nation all this while or not.

Two, all through his election rallies, he and his party kept giving the exact amount of black money stashed abroad. The figure forwarded by Mr. Mod among the applauds of his party supporters was a couple Lakh crores. Either he was ignorant then, or he is ignorant now. And ignorance is surely not the trait of a PM.

Three, Mr. Modi calling the said black money belonging to the poor, is itself open to speculation. By his statement, does he mean the poor getting the money in their bank accounts, if somehow the Government actually manages to get back some of it? What if the simple Indians in villages and remote towns derive this meaning of the statement? This is an important question, as although it’s a common knowledge that black money is earned by putting someone in deprivation; it’s NOT so common knowledge that black money is actually the money earned by evading taxes. And if such black money returns home, it doesn’t directly belong to the poor. Under this light, Mr. Modi saying the black money belongs to the poor is open to speculations and some can actually believe that when the money comes a portion of it will come in their bank accounts.

Till now mere words have delivered for Modi and his party. But sooner than later, people will ask for results. After all, even the ignorant of the listeners has a limit for plain words and oratory. That apart, it’s difficult to win every argument or turn the tide in one’s favor by mere oratory. Speaking endlessly or incessant dialogue is a double edged sword,you build and cut yourself at the same time.