Mulla Nasiruddin Ki Seekh | Wisdom #1

Mulla Nasiruddin is a popular figure in Indian and West Asian folklore. Mulla Nasiruddin is not only popular for his wit but also the wisdom in it. Let I share one with you,

Mulla Nasiruddin was once digging a pit in his orchard. A visitor comes to meet him. The visitor had never seen him before. He reaches Mulla Nasiruddin and assuming him to be a labour, asks him where is Mulla Nasiruddin. Mulla Nasiruddin tells him that he is the person the visitor is looking for. The visitor checks out Mulla from head to toe and finding him wear soiled clothes covered in sweat, assumes that the labour is making a joke. To cross check, the visitor asks Mulla, what does he do. To this Mulla replies: I dig pits.

The visitor was told that Mulla Nasiruddin is a rich man of high learning. He gets confused.

Not to puzzle the guest any further, Mulla Says: I’m Mulla Nasiruddin. The person you came here to meet. When I dig pits I think myself to be the world’s best pit digger. I dig pits with the focus and dedication of a great pit digger. When I do business, I think myself as the World’s best businessman. In short, every task I do, I do it as if I came on this earth to accomplish that task perfectly.


What is the moral of the story?

Whatever you do, do it with focus. The dedication for the task must be that of a perfectionist. You can choose or not choose to do a job. But once you choose to do a task, the focus must be single. The dedication must 100 percent. The wisdom applies to everything: Whether studying, watching movie, playing a sport or even going for a sleep.

In an interview Actor Shahrukh Khan shared the same wisdom. He said, “Whatever task I undertake, I do it competitively. This includes brushing my teeth. Every morning, when I brush my teeth I see myself as the best brusher in the World”.