Multi-tasking is Satisfying

Increasing number of studies claim that Multi-tasking (doing more than one unrelated works at a time) is not Productive. This can indeed be true.

From my own observation, I’ve seen that ‘people who can’t decide their career or their passion’ — multitask’.

As, opposite to the multi-taskers, those who don’t multi task clearly know ‘the career to choose or passion to work on’, and hence rarely develop either motivation or need to multitask. This second group of individuals (who doesn’t multitask) does know that if you clearly know ‘Where your heart lies and the Skills you should have to pursue that activity’; any career can grow you and make you money.

Call it a flipside of human development, people who don’t know their Productive area or Money Stream, continue to multi task.

Interestingly, Geniuses or those with High IQ, sometimes multi-task as well. The reason for this is sadly, their Genius. Geniuses or people with high IQ, are normally good, sometimes exceptional in many things; hence it’s always difficult for them to “What to choose and What to Leave”. No wonder, many high IQ individuals are either doing nothing or doing a job much lower than their aptitude.

That said, whoever multi-tasks knows one thing for sure: Multi taksing is Satisfying. It’s satisfying because  it always gives the multi-tasker the impression of busy-ness and self worth; even when every pointer (growth, money, family life) is shouting ‘Fail, Fail’.

What is Better Multi-tasking OR non?

Depends on what you are after. If you are after Money and Material Growth; then Multi-tasking is NOT Good. But still you can decide your path.