Mumbai Based Actor Olivier Lafont’s New Book | Perfect for Rains!

Olivier Lafont’s ‘Warrior’ Book Review | An engaging Read!

Are monsoon rains keeping you indoors? Then allow me to suggest a Book review of Warrior by Olivier Lafont or Sanjay Lafont book to you — A book which you will enjoy reading amidst the sound of rain on your roof or outside. With a cup of tea and some Indian tea time snacks we usually associate with rains. The book is ‘Warrior‘ by Olivier Lafont or Sanjay Lafont. Who’s Olivier Lafont? A French writer and actor based in Mumbai. Don’t worry, you might have seen him (See his picture on left ) in some Indian movies (3 Idiots , Guzaarish etc. ) and advertisements. He has acted in some Hollywood movies as well (we are told):

His recent advertisement

Why I’m telling you all this, as even after writing such a fine book, he chose not to include his picture, even on the About the Author page or the book cover. Which is not a good thing, as people related with him more as being an actor than an author. That too when it’s obvious that the book intends benefiting from his profession as an actor.

Coming back to the book, the book came earlier this year. I received it about four months ago, but Life’s businesses prevented me from reading it, until July start.

The book

A work of fiction. The novel never disappoints. At a time when heroics of mythological heroes are in air (Baahubali); the book becomes a perfect read.

The novel is based in Mumbai, brought to a standstill, by a blizzard. Mumbaikars are puzzled, fearful and completely clueless seeing their city covered with something they have never seen before. They are seeing an imminent doom and deep inside wishing for their savior to come. A savior who is either God sent or a God Child or God himself or some demi God. Amidst all this chaos, Saam, a watch mender, finds himself in a mind wrenching situation. I will not tell you anything more about the book. As the very essence of the book is that it unfolds itself slowly and keeps the situation  where the reader is always trying to anticipate what will happen next.

Among other things revetting about the novel, is author’s eye for detail. Even if you have never been to Mumbai, like I, the book makes you feel as if you have actually been to those streets and localities. In addition, being an actor, that too based in Mumbai, the book has ample of drama, sometimes seen in engaging Bollywood thrillers. I’m sure, someone will make a movie on this novel soon.

To conclude, the book is a fine work, where the author has managed to interweave human fear of mortality, belief in mythology, human psychology, adventure and heroism finely.

Whether you like the novel or not, I’m sure you will complete 375 pages in a couple of days. I liked the book…