We must rise above “Matsya Nyaya”!

What is Matsya Nyaya? — Big Fish Eats the Small Fish.

If said in other words — the powerful eats the weak.

If the world starts working on Matsya Nyaya, then no one will be able to work or live outside his/her place of birth. That apart, no one will be able to live or work at a place dominated by people of other religion, caste or region.

We must rise above “Matsya Nyaya”!

In the recent Muzaffarnagar riots, the psychology of Matsya Nyaya became clearly visible.

A Hindu Girl was eve teased by a Muslim boy. The brothers of the girl beat and killed the eve teasing boy. The boy belonged to a Muslim dominated area in Muzaffarnagar. As a revenge to the boy’s killing, both the brothers were killed. This is a typical mindset of people or group of people living by Matsya Nyaya.

Strength doesn’t come from bodily strength alone, it also comes from the clout or majority. In the Muzaffarnagar riots, from the very beginning, the strength of clout or majority kept raising its head. First two people killed one Person, then more than two killed these two. Later, truckloads of people killed families.

People Who believe in the strength of majority, forget that one of their brothers may not have this Strength

Majority has strength, but it’s not always possible to have a majority status. An Indian in USA, England, Australia, Canada or any other country can’t have a majority status there. In the same way, a Maharashtrian can’t have the strength of majority in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh or Delhi.  If one goes into smaller brackets, then a Bundelkhandi can’t have the majority or clout in Western UP, and vice-versa.

In short — a religion, caste, creed, regionalism etc. are important for identification purposes, but they are surely not the things from where one should take the strength to dominate others.

Imagine, what would have been the situation in Muzaffarnagar today, if the brothers of the girl had thought twice before beating a single person. In the same way, what would have been the situation today, if the group of people had thought twice before killing two brothers. What would have been the situation today, if the Muslim Dominated and Hindu Dominated areas had thought twice before going for each other’s blood? Yes, the situation would have been much different. Don’t blame the politicians here, they are just our reflection. That apart, they are trying to have our votes, so they will do anything to get those votes. We believed in Matsya Nyaya, which they were aware of, that’s why they manipulated us.

In recent years, an unfortunate trend started in India. People who talk of non-violence and tolerance (Ahimsa and Sahishnuta) are tagged as cowards, devoid of any guts. Any such perception is simply a farce.

After all anyone can abuse, use the words such as traitor for dissenting opinions, even threaten… the way many Modi fans do. The reason why many people don’t want to indulge in such a behaviour, even online, as they care for that person from their religion, caste, region, who is living in some other state or country.  Where he has no clout. As they very well know that it’s not possible for a person to have clout or strength of majority everywhere. And that taking strength from clout is actually cowardly.