What happened to our Ethics? Muzaffarnagar riots Blame Game

A very furious reader called me today, and said this:

You questioned in your article, why the BJP MLA shared the questionable video on Facebook (the Youtube video actually shot in a city in Pakistan in 2009, showing a mob lynching two teenaged boys, accused of stealing stuff. Just before the Muzaffarnagar riots the video was uploaded by someone on Facebook with a misleading title and description. The Facebook users were misled that the video belongs to Muzaffarnagar, where Muslims were lynching the two brothers of the eve teased girl).

Why you don’t question the Congress and the SP Governments in the Centre and the state, who kept ignoring the video, till the situation in Muzaffarnagar went out of hand? If the BJP MLAs and their supporters are blamed for the Muzaffar riots, then equal blame rests on the Congress and the SP.

I gave him this reply,

No one is absolving the UP and the Central Government for the Muzaffarnagar riots.

But What happened to our ethics?

Isn’t it the responsibility of every citizen and human being to discourage violence of any kind: by Conduct and Actions. Or is it right to “Add Fuel to Fire” and happily see how and when the Government contains the rumors? A good human being, irrespective of political leanings, vouches for truth. And that’s why he/she doesn’t post or spread rumors, neither in real life nor on Facebook. You decide what kind of person you are. A Facebook post may be a small thing, but it tells one’s intentions. if your own intention is malicious, then you can’t be a Good Man.


It’s surprise that a section of young men and women on web are seeing the ‘Misuse of Facebook in Muzaffarnagar riots’ as the governments’ and the Administration’s inability to crush in a timely manner, the rumors online and offline. Although the Governments must have some mechanism to do so; but still no one is raising the right question, why so many smart young men and women and politicians chose to fan the rumors in the very first place. What must be the right conduct for a responsible citizen and a good human being?