Namita Jain says — Only Two Ways to Lose Weight

There are two ways one can lose weight – This is what famous fitness expert from India Namita Jain, who brings to shape top movie starts and rich & famous in the country, tells the world.
And the two ways are unfortunately only those repeated time and again in sane weight loss recommendations — exercise and eat right.

We add one from our side: and proper rest and adequate sleep.

According to Namita, wishful thinking or praying for some magical formulation to get to shape, will not do. First and foremost, you need to get out of the couch and become more active. But, just because a person starts exercising doesn’t mean he/she can eat more. One has to reduce the number of calories he/she consumes and keep a tab on what one eats. Science behind weight loss is simple, when you burn more energy than what you consume you lose weight.

But the fitness Guru is against the approach, where the person on weight loss regimen always feels hungry. Her advice: Don’t remain hungry, have square meals, don’t skip any meal. The practice of skipping meals during the initial days of dieting is wrong. This leads to the person reaching a point when he/she will feel so tempted and hungry that he/she will binge on anything he/she sees.

When it comes to weight loss, it’s the old Tortoise Rabbit story — Slow and steady wins the race.
Whether it’s incorporating activity in one’s lifestyle or the balanced diet; Slow and steady is the healthiest way to lose weight. Thumb rule should be: start gradually and increase intensity of exercise and strictness of diet; as your resolve strengthens.

To burn calories take up a cardio vascular activity such as running, swimming, dancing, cycling or a sport like squash or tennis. Starting one’s weight loss journey with a slow walk everyday; later replacing it with a brisk walk and after some days by jogging and eventually running will be good too [This is out suggestion].

A has been said many times on this blog too, the fitness expert stresses on the importance of “ enjoying whatever activity you choose to be fit or to lose weight”. The reason is simple, if you don’t enjoy something; it’ll be hard for you to do it for one hour every day for six to seven days a week. So if you enjoy dancing, there is no reason, you should be running. Just play your favorite music; something which makes you swing your body and start dancing. There’s a deep connection between “doing an activity one likes” and remaining fit or losing weight. That’s why experts, find sex a great activity if a couple enjoys it.

Another important recommendation from Namita is that — Twice to thrice a week you should go for weight training so you are not only able to tone your body but also able to boost your metabolism.
Always embark on weight training under some expert guidance.

If you want to know more about Fitness expert Namita Jain’s recommendations for weight loss and a healthy body; do read her recently released books — The Four-week Countdown Diet: Now You Choose How You Lose and Figure it Out The Ultimate Guide to Teen Fitness. Hope you benefit from the books.