Namo Modi Calendar 2015 and Personality Cults

Modi calendar 2015

There’s a serious dichotomy with the subject of personality cults (worshipping a person like a God). Those who criticise it most, are often the ones who practice it. It’s only that: Other person’s Hero, is not theirs. In short, person worship may be loathed about, but it does exist to varied degrees in societies. More so among those who are in a habit of worshipping idols. When BJP was not in power, it criticised Congress for worshipping Gandhi, Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and others. It was not that wrong either. Up to late 80s, posters of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi were a common sight in many homes. People loved them, that’s why they gave them place on their Drawing room walls. even Today, Mahatma Gandhi as a guiding figure is mandatorily seen in Government Offices. To cut things short, people so search for stalwarts among them. A tendency actively milked by political parties.

BJP, a party, building itself on everything anti-congress, is busy these days. It’s busy creating its own system of personality cult. It will surely not call it person worship, but the tools it’s using are similar to the ones used in the past. If Modi Aphorisms were not enough, then BJP has come up with Modi Calendar or Namo Calendar 2015 (Here). It’s handsomely priced. Many will buy it as well. And there’s nothing bad in that. People do worship people.