Nancy Grace loses 10 pounds at Dancing With The Stars

You can lose weight by Dancing! This has been proved true by Nancy Grace.

Nancy Grace who is currently appearing in this season’s “Dancing with the Stars.”, has this to say about her recent weight loss:

“I’ve inadvertently lost 10 pounds by I’m-too-tired-to-eat diet,”.

Grace who is partnered with professional dancer Tristan MacManus, may have attributed her weight loss to her inability to eat after tiring dance rehersals; but you can indeed lose weight by dancing. That too in a joyful manner.


Dancing may look very different from jogging, running or exercising; but in essence it’s not any different from all these activities.

All these activities (which include dancing) require expending energy to move the body.  And expending access energy is key to weight loss.

So don’t press your body to jog, run or exercise; when what it likes most is to Dance.