Narendra Modi and Kissa Topi Ka !

Narendra Modi and Kissa Topic Ka (The Story of the Cap)!


Actor Raza Murad yesterday offered the Muslim Cap to Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan. The CM honored the Cap, giving Raza Murad the excuse to compare the occasion with a similar one involving Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, where the BJP’s PM candidate declined to don the Muslim Cap.

Praising the Madhya Pradesh CM, Raza Murad advised Narenda Modi to learn an important lesson from his MP counterpart. The lesson was: Wearing a symbol of other religion neither makes one’s own religion impure nor it makes it small.

Narendra Modi and Kisa Topi Ka:

Actually the entire Raza Murad episode appears to be more than just a preaching exercise aimed towards Narendra Modi. From the look of the things, the incident appears previously planned.

It’s no secret now that whenever the Modi supporters in BJP try to elevate Modi in the country’s estimation, a rival faction in the BJP tries to pull him down by playing the name of the MP CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan. This particular incident involving Raza Murad appears to be one such moment, wherein an attempt has been made to establish Shivraj Singh Chauhan as a more acceptable candidate compared to Narendra Modi for the BJP’s PM candidate.

Fortunately or unfortunately, things are going the Advani-Atal Bihari route for Narendra Modi. And it will be no surprise if post-2014 Lok Sabha Polls, Narendra Modi is sidelined for a more acceptable candidate. Call this the hard realities of the coalition politics.

Narendra Modi must Realize — India is not Gujarat:

Nrendra Modi and muslim cap. Shivraj singh chauhan and muslim cap.The more Modi pits himself in the race for PMship, the more aware he’ll become of the fact that India is not Gujarat. The behavior and the strategies which were hailed in Gujarat will not get the same response in other states of India. A Gujarati may adore their Narendra Bhai every single time, but why will an Indian living in Madhya Pradesh do the same. That apart, Narendra Modi can afford to decline a Muslim Cap in Gujarat, but can he do the same in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal?

The problem with Narendra Modi and BJP kind of politics is that it’s always at the mercy of how its die hard supporters perceive about it. If Modi adds a supporter on the Hinduttva call, he actually can’t afford to speak, don and support any cause which is different from the Hinduttva ideology; else, that supporter will not remain that die hard.

But that doesn’t mean the situation will be any different if BJP or Modi start educating its supporters on the necessity of including Muslims. Any such exercise will fail as those tried to be pulled (Muslims), will easily see the insincerity in the effort.

Keeping these things in mind, the hope for BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha Polls it to polarize the country into Hindus and Muslims in such a way that it get 25-26 percent vote share. But such polarization is difficult. As even in the frenzy of Advani’s Rath Yatra days BJP managed to get a vote share lower than that. Right now it’s around 18 percent.