Narendra Modi is Impressive and Articulate!

And there are no doubts about it.

That too considering Narendra Modi ji is a Chai Wala first and a BJP PM candidate later. He tells the crowd in his rallies this important distinction. And from time immemorial, tea shops or small road side kiosks in India are a repository of information for Indians. They are places which inspired many achievers. One example is, Ad man Prasoon Joshi, who once said, he used to sip tea at a tea shop all day and kept observing people. No wonder, he has a stellar career as an ad guru and a Bollywood script writer now (Don’t go for accuracy here, the idea is to get information, as much as one can).

You can’t imagine how much people can learn in a tea shop. In the humble tea shop, people not only learn new stuff, get exposed to rumors, generate some but also get the ability to churn out sarcasm. You can sit all day in a tea shop and find countless things to be sarcastic about or complain about. You also learn at a tea shop in India, how to masquerade your agenda with insignificant tit bits.

Narendra Modi ji has the first hand experience of all these and hence he’s getting impressive and articulate  with each speech, with each rally.

What to learn from Narendra Modi?

1) Accuracy is Not for common man: Accuracy is not for well read as well.  It works like a grapevine principle in management. When you speak, construct your speech in parts. For instance, if there are five parts making your speech, make 4 parts correct Don’t bother about the fifth part. People don’t really care the accuracy of the fifth part. Take one example from Modi’s speech for instance. In his Bihar rally, Modi praised Chandragupta. He called Chandragupta a Game changer (part 1), he called him the maker of India’s first Empire, the Magadh empire (part 2), he called him rising from Bihar (part 3), he called him a force to reckon with (Part 4); and finally he informed the audience, he belonged to Gupta dynasty. Here the first four parts are correct; but unfortunately the last one, the part five is wrong. Chandra Gupta who founded the Magadh empire, didn’t belong to Guptas, he was a Maurya. But since accuracy doesn’t matter here, as most common men seldom read books, hence Modi comes out impressive.

Regarding the Well, read, the  accuracy doesn’t matter as well, as when on the side of the speaker, they are pretty much forgiving on accuracy.


2) Make every statement sarcastic: Tea shop discussions and debates normally aim at killing time. The idea is to emerge as sarcastic, as complaining as possible. Modi has mastered this trait, he can skillfully convert any issue to plain sarcasm. He’s so perfect in this that he can demolish any issue, whether bookish or common, with his sheer sarcasm. He’s such an expert at it that even when he doesn’t want to be sarcastic, he appears like one.

One such example is: Who will you put in the seat of Prime Minister, the person who sold tea or the people who sold the nation?

Without any second thoughts, the person who sold tea, is after all much better than those selling the Nation.

Try practicing this skill, and you will beat everything with sarcasm. For instance, if asked why Muslims in India have a population growth rate of 30 percent and the Hindus just 20 percent. You can easily throw in the sarcasm that: See I said who is the real problem for India. This is a great statement, as this way you will not have to take the effort of looking at population data and check for other more sound reasons for the declining Hindu Population growth rate. One such reason can be the killing of unborn daughters among Hindus; while in contrast, Muslims in India may not be doing such selective abortions. Still you can always quote what RSS said on the issue: Hindus must adopt a three child norm. Interestingly, if stopped at mentioning the gender of the children. As if feeding the third children is an easy task.

3) Be Vague and say that stuff which can’t be defended: What is the biggest lesson from a Tea stall discussion? If you can’t prove something with numbers; then take the high moral ground and in doing so become vague. Call everyone other than you fake, dishonest, fraud and incompetent.

Tea Stall discussions may have taught Mr. Nrendra Modi many things, among which are assertions of an Alfa Male: 56 inch ka Seena!

But did the same humble Tea stall offered Modi some lessons, which he willingly ignored. On such lesson is: The more you open your mouth to speak, the more ignorant, full of air you appear to be.

You decide yourself.