Is Narendra Modi Misogynist? Words used in Gorakhpur Rally

In his Gorakhpur Rally yesterday, BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi once again tried to intimidate the rivals with his “56 inches of Chest”. Who does Narendra Modi want to intimidate with this measurement?

Political rivals? May or or may not be.

Anyone who poses any kind of challenge, at any level, to Narendra Modi? Appears more so.

chest, 56 inch, narendra modi, With his 56 inches Chest remark, Narendra Modi is challenging anyone who challenges him in any way, for a fist fight. Yes any way. He is taking the intimidating tactics and real action to the fist fight level. With this statement, Narendra Modi is saying this: I can crush you, whatever way I will find suitable.

This means political rivals, women, minorities … anyone who Modi and his party considers having a dissenting voice (a disagreeing voice other than his own or his party’s) will be crushed by fists, if not by words.

The words Narendra Modi uses are often used by those who don’t see women as equal. Since as woman can’t have a strength of a man, such words are used by a man who wants to snub woman. That’s why, top BJP Leader Sushma Swaraj’s opinion is only valued by her party when it massages the man ego. The Sushma Swaraj’s opinion contradicts Modi, she becomes a non-entity. For the same reason, you will always see women leaders in patriarchal parties like BJP, using sarcasm ( indirect dissent conveyed by humor) to air their genuine concerns. If they air such dissenting views strongly, they may suffer ridicule by “56 inch chest” proponents and supporters.

Do Narendra Modi’s words often convey some deep rooted Misogyny (Not having a great opinion about the ability of the woman)?

PS: To inform: A highly patriarchal or misogynist individual can respect Women. But for him, it’s hard to respect a woman stronger than him. That’s why one can’t equate respect for women as true love & respect for women.