Narendra Modi is politicising Pakistan Border situation!

It’s surprising , how PM Narendra Modi is blaming rivals of playing politics, when he himself is politicising the Pakistan border situation in his Election rallies (in Maharashtra and Haryana Assembly elections).

Wherever Modi ji is doing his election rallies, soliciting votes for his party, he is telling the crowds that :  Appropriate answer has been given to the Pakistanis. 

He’s making statements like: When politicians are politicising the issue, soldiers at border are pressing the trigger.


It’s but natural that no one will allow Modi ji to paint everything as an achievement.

The past nine days of heavy firing and mortar shelling from across the border, on civilians residing in the Indian villages near the border, is monumental in terms of its scale. Something not seen in the past one decade. Hoards are people are moving out from their villages, which have already seen two civilian casualties and extensive damage to the livestock and property. That apart, Pakistan has already requested the international community to press India to allow a UN observer inspect the damage caused by the shelling on both sides of the border. Imagine, what will happen, if India had to bow down to allow the UN observer in Indian side of border. Won’t it be the entry of a third party in the bilateral dispute of India and Pakistan? If that happens then Pakistan will succeed in making Kashmir an international issue, something which India successfully prevented for all these years. Actually, the situation escalated the moment PM Narendra Modi announced in the UN General Assembly that India Pakistan dispute can’t be solved at UN. What Pakistan is doing now, can never be done without the active but silent support or approval of the third parties.

Diplomacy is not about portraying oneself bigger to smaller. Diplomacy is portraying the right picture. It’s about having the right assessment of self and one’s friends and foes. The right assessment is necessary as just like the real World, its hard to portray oneself as something one is not. The President of United States is powerful, because he really is. That that makes his aura. Irrespective of his physical frame, every US President looks powerful.