Narendra Modi speaking Lies on Safety of Women in Gujarat!

A new advertisement of BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi is on the TV these days. In the ad Modi is all Gaga about Women power. At one point Modi exhorts the nation to encourage the Women and to save the women. The advertisement ends with a claim: Where in India women are most safe? The ad itself Answers the Question — Where else! in Gujarat.

What is the Truth in Narendra Modi and his party’s claim that Women are safest in Gujarat

Lets see two statistics which reflect the state of women in Gujarat.

1) Sex Ratio

Gujarat Sex Ratio

Sex Ratio in Gujarat is 919 i.e. for each 1000 male, which is below national average of 943 as per census 2011. In 2001, the sex ratio of female was 921 per 1000 males in Gujarat.

State with Highest Female Sex Ratio Kerala with 1058 females for every 1000 males.

State with Lowest Female Sex Ratio is Haryana with 861 females for every 1000 males.

2) Crime Against Women

As per the Crime against women in India Report 2012. Gujarat is not the worst state in terms of incidence of crimes against Women. But it’s not the best in providing safety to women. To understand this, if Delhi has 70-80 crimes against women for every 1 Lakh women population; Gujarat has 70-80. In terms of crimes against Women Gujarat comes somewhere in the middle of the List.

It’s unfortunate, ¬†Narendra Modi and his party is spreading Lies in the country

Next time the women empowerment Ad airs on TV, you see for yourself the tone and words spoken in the Ad.

It’s sad, the party and its PM candidate is spreading lies that blatantly.


It’s time we go beyond plain “Laphbazi” (Rhetoric) and at least have some respect for the truth.

As the fact of the matter is, even the average showing of Gujarat on preventing the crimes against women can be a farce thing; as the number of crimes recorded by Government record keepers are simply the cases recorded by the Police (FIRs lodged). A state where police is more sympathetic and listening to the victims and their complaints; can also show more number of records in the official records. I’m not saying Gujarat’s Police is not sympathetic; it may be; but what I’m saying is, if Gujarat’s average showing in crimes against women is hailed as Indian’s best; then Delhi’s somewhat higher crime against women can be seen as more women having the faith on Delhi police. Else they will never approach the police to lodge a complaint.

Here we write articles and analysis for that individual who is logical, intelligent, and balanced enough to see the truth behind the veil of a Lie. If a reader is not willing to understand that, then it’s up to him.

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