Narendra Modi’s Ultimate Political Science move in Maharashtra

From some days now, we are reading and viewing news, as to how Marathi people are targeting Gujarati people in Maharashtra. particularly those Gujaratis who are in Stock exchanges and other business places in Maharashtra.

clever modi using political sciencePM Narendra Modi in a Rally in Maharashtra says that he will not allow anyone to divide Maharashtra.

He quickly appends : I’m a Student of Political Science.

He may be. That’s why he made clear the invisible politics they are trying in Maharashtra. That’s why, one tenet of political science is not to boast.

We are witnessing the polarization of another kind here. A polarization attempt where both BJP and Shiv Sena are party.

Actually BJP and Shiv Sena have divided about half of the total vote bank amidst themselves. The two key vote banks in Maharashtra that I’m talking about are : The people from outside states, which constitute about 30 percent of Maharashtra’s population and the Marathis or Marathi Manus, which are about 22-23 percent.

BJP has remained with Shiv Sena and its off shoot MNS for many years now. This makes it unfit to do the politics of people from outside states. How can BJP be the saviour of the people, who its allies victimise every now and then. That’s why BJP and Shiv Sena parted ways. That’s why Narendra Modi says : As long as he’s the PM at Delhi no power can divide Maharashtra. This way he’s projecting himself the savior of North Indians, Gujaratis and people of other states. If BJP manages to get a significant vote of this group, then it can come in power or come close to power in Maharashtra. BJP is criticising Shiv Sena for this reason. For the same reason, Shiv Sena is attacking Gujarat’s Anandiben Patel for soliciting investment in Gujarat, or BJP disrespecting Marathis and Balasaheb Thackeray. Such attacks are beneficial for the two parties.

BJP’s attack on Shiv Sena, will get people of other states in Maharashtra close to BJP; but it will also have reverse effect. It will bring marathi manus close to Shiv Sena.

All the talk of — “Whose Chief Minister” is simply a distraction tactic, from the real politics.

Although 30 percent vote share easily allows a party to form Government, either individually or with allies; hence this ploy has the potential to actually deliver.

I have a feeling that both BJP and Shiv Sena will become friends the moment the elections are over. That’s BJP will eat with Shiv Sena and MNS, who represent a politics of Outsiders vs. insiders. In all likelihood, if BJP and Shiv Sena don’t get majority on their own, they will easily make a Government as allies. And at that time, you will see that Chief Ministership will not be any issue. As it’s not an issue even now.

It will be interesting to see, how Maharashtra reacts to this ultimate Political Science move. Modi has made his killer move.