Nationalist ‘Officers of Court’ | JNU Slogans

Today, hundreds of lawyers marched from the Patiala House court complex to India Gate, Delhi and demanded action against certain JNU students whom they dubbed “anti-national”. The march is led by Vikram Chauhan and Yashpal Singh, allegedly involved in an attack on journalists inside the court complex on Monday.

The lawyers shouted slogans like ‘do not spare traitors’ and ‘Vande Mataram’. They are not willing to accept any person as patriotic, unless he/she raises the same slogans.

Now, these Lawyers are ‘Officers of Court’. They profess to conduct their profession by the principle,

They are duty bound to take the case of any person who needs legal assistance. That’s they are no one to judge whether a person who they are litigating for, is guilty or innocent. That is for the judge to decide.

Under this light, it’s interesting to see how these protesting lawyers are tagging people anti-national on their own. No Court, no judge is doing that… Only them. Whosoever they will call anti-national, will have to accept the tag. They can’t say they are imparting such instant justice in their personal capacity, as they marched with their Lawyer’s dress and Collar on.

If these lawyers say they are doing this for the sake of the Nation. They may be. But, their conduct raises a serious question: With a tendency to impart justice on their won, are these lawyers competent to litigate for any person?

If the Bar Council of India believes in self-regulation, then they must look into how these lawyers are imparting instant justice.