New Book about Adolf Hitler’s Childhood for students of Developmental Psychology

New Book about Adolf Hitler’s Childhood for students of Developmental Psychology

What is of interest to a student of the discipline of Developmental Psychology?

A childhood profile of a notorious historic personality. A psycho analysis of the events in the notorious personality’s growing up years, something which can throw light into what he/she became as an adult.

Frank Daversa, author and writer’s new book “Young Adolf: An Alternate History” attempts to do just that.

It revisits Hitler’s childhood as an exercise in developmental psychology. Asking one important question: Can an early romance overcome the domestic challenges of young Adolf’s life?

Written by Frank Daversa and Joseph Franciosa Jr., the story begins with Hitler’s birth, and proceeds through his adolescence.

Depicting Hitler’s childhood in discreet detail, the book tells about the ordeals he faced, from the rigors of his schooling to beatings by his father Alois. To have an enquiry into the life of Hitler from a developmental psychology student’s perspective; the book intersperses Factual accounts with fictional inventions. One such invention was a fictional female character, named Helga, two years his senior. The two hit it off and eventually fall in love, until a catastrophic event separates them forever. This fictional childhood love-story ends by asking the reader, “Was young Adolf’s love for her strong enough to change his personality for the better—and thus alter the course of history?”

The book, gives the reader an opportunity to learn about boy Adolf — Experience the molding of his dreams, his prejudices, and his desires in deep detail. In short, the book is a sincere attempt to probe into the life of Adolf during his younger years; when Hitler was just a boy; who later turned into the world’s most feared man.

Young Adolf: An Alternate History

by: Frank P. Daversa

publisher: AuthorHouse, published: 2011-11-21

ASIN: 1463448937

EAN: 9781463448936

price: $20.73 (new), $20.24 (used)

Young Adolf as you have never seen him before… Experience Adolf Hitler’s childhood in striking detail. Witness his ordeals, from the rigors of his schooling to beatings by his father. Factual accounts are interspersed with fictional inventions, such as his relationship with a hypothetical girl named Helga. Can young Adolf conquer the personal barriers his difficult childhood presented and become close with her emotionally? How will that change him? Learn more about Adolf the boy. Experience the molding of his dreams, his predjudices, and his desires in visceral detail. Come to understand the inner-workings of History’s most infamous megalomaniac through the perspective of a child’s eyes. Follow Adolf from birth to his late teenage years. Know the boy before he was the world’s most feared man. Decide for yourself if Helga’s influence might have altered the course of History.