New Book Answers: Why You Don’t Want to Lose Weight

Why You Don’t Want to Lose Weight? This is an important question, pressing the humanity ever since, the society it lives in became stressful and the food at disposal became abundant. The question looks trivial, but it not. As, only when a person clarly answers this question, he/she is able to lose that extra weight.

But, don’t strain your mind on this question any more. You can now read it.
Matt “Wiggy” Wiggins’ Kindle book, Why You DON’T Want to Lose Weight“, is not like any other diet book. The book focuses on which diet individuals should be on and which diets don’t work. That apart, the book also enlightens readers on the important Question: Why they’re not losing weight.

The book is not a how-to guide and does not promote diet fads. Rather, the book is an examination of weight-loss from different angles.

To give you a fair idea of what the book is upto, Matt Wiggins, the author explains:”the topic of my book examines why most people don’t really want to lose weight in the sense that they don’t really care about what the scale says.”

The Book has received good reviews.

Wiggins’ writing style has been described as practical and easy to follow, exciting readers for the next book in the Working Class Weight Loss series.

During this time of year, festive season and holidays, people tend to gain weight and later lament it. With it comes the desire to keep weighing themselves. Wiggins’ book can be a good read, if you want to know how to approach the weight issue.


Matt “Wiggy” Wiggins has been involved in the fitness industry for roughly twenty years and is dedicated to helping ordinary people accomplish extraordinary goals. Wiggins does not promote weight-loss fads or trends, and does not recommend anything he would not try himself. Wiggins is a self-taught fitness professional, and has helped athletes, professional fighters, and everyday people get in the best shape of their life.

About the Book:

Why You DON’T Want to Lose Weight – How One Simple Change Gives You the Body & Results You Want


“And that is ‘weight loss’ information that flies in the face of a lot of the commonly held beliefs out there.”

– Andy Hepler, owner Hepler Strength & Conditioning and Davidson County Personal Trainer (Davidson County’s #1 Personal Training Facility), Thomasville, NC
“…a great read, written in a conversational style and filled with great examples of why the scale really doesn’t matter at all for most people…His vast profession experience and passion to help others shines through in this book.  If you are looking to change your mindset about weight loss, you can’t go wrong…”
– NJ Rickman, author – “Sweetly Seduced: Why We Can’t Say No to Sugar”
“…takes a completely different approach…will significantly improve my results!– Ann Womack

“…this Kindle book is awesome…a great starting point for starting your own journey to feeling, looking, and performing better.”

– Bill Davis

Billions of dollars are spent every year in the weight loss industry on diets, workout programs, trainers, supplements, and more. Yet so many people (like you and I) never lose any weight? Why does this keep happening to us?


Why You Don’t Want to Lose Weight looks at weight loss from a totally different angle, and explores why it is we’re not losing weight – the one little tweak in our approach that, if we make it, can radically change not only how we approach losing weight, but give us all the results we ever wanted and changes we want in our lives. And more.


(HINT – It’s not about which diet you’re on or which workout you do!)


What You’ll Learn:


In Why You Don’t Want to Lose Weight, you’ll discover:
  • How a principle on living life by a Christian preacher can totally transform how you approach weight loss. (And it has nothing to do with religion or theology.)
  • Why “losing weight” is NOT what you’re really after.
  • How your bathroom scale is many times a complete liar…and worse yet, keep you from losing weight.
  • Why checking how much weight you’ve lost too often is a TERRIBLE idea.
  • What one shift in your approach will make all the difference between “losing weight” and giving you a fit and toned body, improved health, and abundant life.
Cliche as it sounds, the fitness industry has been feeding you stories that you don’t need to hear, and keeping the most powerful secret away from you. Well, I want to change all that and put you on the “fast-track” to achieving the body and health you want.


Hit the “Buy” button to get Why You Don’t Want to Lose Weight right now and you can get started building the body, health, and life you really want today!