New book criticized for addressing obesity among kids in a wrong manner

Is it necessary to be skinny or of ideal/normal body weight to be confident and happy? Ask the critics of a new to be released book on Kids dieting.

The book titled “Maggie Goes on A Diet
”, reads like a bedtime story, and is about a 14 year old girl named Maggie.

The book has offended many people, including the experts, with its title and its content, and has received a flood of negative comments on the internet before it even hits the shelves, reports ABC.

Although most people are extremely displeased at using the word ‘diet’ in a book title meant for kids; what offended many experts beyond the covers, is how the book vividly portrays the life of Maggie. In the book, Maggie, a 14 year old girl is shown being bullied relentlessly because of her weight every day at school. She is teased and made fun of, and was called fatty and chubby and other names that were very cruel. To alter this daily reality of her life, Maggie is shown taking solace from food. She’s shown searching the refrigerator many times a day to munch on something, like bread and cheeses including some cheddar, so that she could feel better.

But one fine day, Maggie decides to eat healthy and lose weight. The book conveys that once she starts eating healthy and losing weight; she instantly makes new friends, and transforms into a soccer star.
Eating disorder experts don’t like the message seem to totally disagree with the message the book tries to convey to kids and their parents. According to their view, which appears unanimous of sort, the book puts a wrong body image in front of kids and their body parents. According to experts, although it’s essential for kids and their parents to understand the importance of healthy lifestyle, which means healthy eating, right exercise and adequate sleep; linking weight or obesity to happiness and popularity is wrong.

In short, the message conveyed by critics to kids and parents is – There’s more to a happy and popular life than just the weight one carries. A kid can be liked for his/her jolly nature, intelligence, common sense, sense of humor, helping nature, honesty, empathy for fellow kids and so on. Limiting a kid’s personality to just weight is wrong. People are happy, confident, popular, and successful in this world, irrespective of their weight.

The book’s author, Paul M Kramer says, he wrote the book to help children feel better about themselves by emulating Maggie.

The book will go on the shelves in the middle of October.


Although the book is being criticized for the reasons shared above; kids and parents can still read the book, as one message they can take from it, is the importance of a healthy lifestyle to a healthy living (disease free living). Another message they can take, indirectly is that, contrary to the message conveyed by the book – there is more to happiness, popularity and success than weight; hence even if a few jerks call you names because of your weight, you can simply ignore them as morns and instead keep focusing on other strong aspects of your personality .

Remember one eternal thing — People need not to be skinny or of normal body weight to be popular, happy and successful.