New Book teaches Secret to Losing Weight: UnDieting!

Call it a consequence of affluence — according to a recent survey 54 percent of American women have been on four or more diets in their lifetime. Living in the world’s richest nation and being constantly bombarded with conflicting diet strategies – low-carb, low-fat, low-GI – has its own challenges. In such a scenario getting derailed from a normal weight and being frustrated and confused by all the diet solutions present is no surprise.

gloria sang weight loss tips include undieting, not blindlessly following what to eat and what not to. As per her these are nothing but fads. The book also tells not to count calorie and just see what suits you and what not.As a result, people either don’t succeed at all OR almost always regain the weight they manage to lose.

Gloria Tsang, an author and registered dietitian says there’s no need to be frustrated and confused. In her opinion, one can lose weight for good in a surprisingly simple way – undieting!

In her new book Go UnDiet, Tsang offers readers straight forward advice and pertinent nutrition-based information to help them reach their weight loss goals.

Tsang’s tips include:

• 50 easy-to-follow strategies that will help people modify their eating habits and lose weight without following a rigid diet plan or counting calories or fat grams

• Which foods are really to blame for weight gain (hint: it’s not the common food “villains” like meat and cheese)

• A five-second label scan to identify diet-destroying, highly processed foods (HPF), and three foolproof ways to avoid this weakest link

• The truth about common diet myths, and how to choose food products that really work for you

Tsang says, she wrote this book to share one of the most important things that she has learnt from her 15 years of working in the nutrition and health fields; and that important thing is — diets don’t work. Hence instead of teaching dependence on charts and plans, the book is a guide designed to help you lose weight for good by making small changes, one step at a time.