New Book Vegan For Life: Most thorough resource for all things Vegan

If you are following the adage – Once Vegan, Always a Vegan; then your initial days and months of Vegan lifestyle are going to be difficult — What to eat? What not to? And most importantly — How to make dishes equally delicious (after corning all the non-vegan stuff) if not more; and not get tempted to reverse back to the non-veganism?

Not to say, you are already feeling a dire need of a book, which can be hailed as a Bible of Vegan living. A book which provides mush needed useful information to people in the worldwide vegan community (for both New and veteran Vegans).

[Vegans are those people who stop taking all food products of Animal Origin including Milk and milk products]

Then, read the new book Vegan For Life . In short, Vegan for Life is one of the most thorough resources for all things vegan on the market.

The book Written by Jack Norris, RD and Virginia Messina, MPH, RD, Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet. A Vegan veteran, Norris has been a vegan since 1988. Messina’s inclination to Veganism began when she read a vegetarian cookbook, Laurel’s Kitchen shortly after she had become a registered dietitian. Both the authors embarked on to the Vegan fold, the moment their ethical conscience asked them the rationale of taking someone else’s life or depriving someone else’s offspring of food , for the sake of one’s taste and health.

Salient points of the Book:

1) Covers everything about veganism, which include, frequently asked questions like:

a) What are the myths about Vegan diets? The Book has Top Ten Myths about Vegan Diets
b) How to Meet Protein Needs? To answer this question, the book offers Entire diet nutritional profiles, sample vegan food choice menus, and the importance of inter-relationships between various vitamins and minerals and the food combinations that elicit their greatest nutritional and dietary benefits.

The Book tries to explain things scientifically as well. But maintaining a conversation one, the book doesn’t seem overtly technical, instead, it look more like a manual, for continuous references.

2) A great segment for fickle minded Vegans and also for preacher kind Vegans is the — The Vegan Food Guide. The chapter offers The Vegan Food Groups, along with the nutritional analysis of them. Analysis covers the benefits and drawbacks of, the Vegan Foods like Legumes and Soyfoods, Nuts and Seeds, Vegetables, Fruits, Fats. It also answers, one FAQ of concerned Vegans – From where do we get the Calcium?