New Miss South Carolina lost 112 pounds to win the crown

Not all beauty pageant winners are the typical pageant girls. On contrary, a few like the new Miss South Carolina, US; is miles far from that image. At least a few years ago.

Bree Boyce, the 22-year-old from Florence, S.C., and the new Miss South Carolina, once weighed 234 pounds, and spent three years losing weight before she competed in a beauty pageant. To be pageant ready, Bree Boyce lost an astonishing 112 pounds.

After winning the crown, she is sharing with the world, the story of her struggle with weight loss; to emphasize on the importance of having right self image and health.

According to her, she started gaining the weight gradually after 7 years of age. And after that her weight kept on growing, primarily because she didn’t take give a thought to her body image. To sum up, she says, “I wasn’t educated on what to eat and how to exercise.”

By 17, Boyce reached her highest weight — 234 pounds. After getting her driving License, she also got into habit of riding around to different fast food places and eat the food in her car. This made her reach to the stage that big.

But, a trip to the doctor one day, finally gave Boyce the reason and conviction to lose weight. Doctor told Boyce, right into the face, that if she didn’t lose weight, her knees will not be able to carry her weight.
Fortunately, Boyce never lost conviction to get back to shape; and lost 112 pounds to not only win the pageant and also the “fitness” round of competition.

To sum up her weight loss journey, topped by a beauty crown, Boyce says:
“For someone who grew up chubby and overweight, and never having to say that she was proud of her body, to be able to look in the mirror and be happy and confident in myself, it really pushes me to go to the gym every day.”
Boyce works out three hours a day. She underlines that eating healthy and doing exercise is the right way to lose weight and get health. She has tried all sorts of diets, while in college, but found that unless lifestyle is changed, the pounds lost via these diets, come back again.
Boyce, who was crowned Miss South Carolina on Saturday, will compete in the Miss America pageant in Las Vegas in January 2012.