New Rules Regarding Rail Tickets Cancellation : Indian Railways

From July 01, 2013 the new Rules for Railways Ticket Cancellation will come into effect. The new rules will replace the rules effected 15 years ago.

To summarise the new Rules: Cancel Reserve and Unreserved rail tickets, as soon as possible.

New Rules regarding Cancellation of Unreserved Rail Tickets:

1) The Time duration lapsed before the Cancellation of unreserved rail tickets will be calculated right from the time of Purchase of the Ticket.

2) A Clerkage Charge of Rs 20 will be deducted, and the rest amount refunded, if the rail ticket is cancelled within 3 Hours.  If the rail ticket is purchased much earlier; and the rail ticket is cancelled 24 hours before the journey, then the fare amount will be refunded after deducting the Rs. 20 Clerkage Charge.

New Rules regarding Cancellation of Reserved Rail Tickets:

1) If the reserved rail ticket is cancelled earlier or 48 hours before the departure of the Train; then a minimum cancellation Fee of Rs 12 will be charged for First AC, Rs 100 for Second AC and Rs 90 for Third AC. The cancellation fee for Sleeper Class will be Rs 60 and; For second Class General the cancellation fee will be Rs 30.

2) If the reserved rail ticket is cancelled in between 48 to 6 Hours before the departure of the Train; then an amount equal to 25 percent of the Rail Ticket will be deducted. In case of cancellation of the rail ticket within 6 Hours of the Journey, only 50 percent or Half of the ticket fare will be refunded. If the rail tick is cancelled within 2 hours of the Train departure, NO REFUND will be given.

3) The new rail ticket cancellation rules with regard to a Single Ticket issued for more than one person, are given below:

a) If the rail tickets of Confirmed Travellers is Cancelled, then full fare amount will be refunded after deducting the Clerkage Charge (Clerkage Charge: First AC Rs 30, Second Class General Reserved Rs 20; For all Classes Rs 30 ). But for this there’s One condition: The Ticket must be cancelled 6 Hours before the Train Departure.

4) If RC rail tickets of 200 km, 200-500 km, and 500 km or more distances are cancelled before 3 Hours of the departure of the train; then only clerkage charge will be deducted and the rest amount is refunded. If the cancellation is done within 3 Hours of the journey, then NO REFUND will be given.  For Trains departing in between 7 PM and 6 AM , the refund can be taken within 2 hours of opening of Reservation office.

5) Full refund will be made in case of Late Trains (NO Clerkage Fee will be deducted). The rule will apply only when the cancellation is done before the departure of the Train.

6) In case of soiling, tearing of Confirmed or RC rail tickets, the station master can issue duplicate ticket. But the duplicate rail ticket can only be issued before the creation of Reservation Chart.   The Duplicate rail ticket issuance charges for various categories are: 2nd CLass and Sleeper Rs 50 per Traveller; For all Categories above this Rs 100 per traveller.

7) If a traveller misses the train due to some demonstration, protests or flood; then he/she must file the refund application at Chief Commercial Manager ( Refund ) within 10 days after the Date of Journey.