Newborn rescued from Toilet Pipe, Zhejiang China

In a residential building in the city of Jinhua, Zhejiang Province of China, someone flushed their newborn baby boy in a toilet. The baby got stuck in the toilet sewage pipe. Later, Residents in the building reported to firefighting department that they heard baby crying in the toilet of the fourth floor. With the grace of God, the firefighters successfully rescued the baby.
The rescue operation took almost an hour. And the infant is now in stable condition.
Police are investigating on the case, but the infant’s parents had failed to show up by Monday afternoon.

A Thought…

The reports so far about the incident don’t reveal whether the newborn has congenital defects (defects right from the birth) or not. This is an important factor as in a situation where parents or mother don’t want to keep a baby; they normally abandon the baby at some safe place where someone else may take notice. Here, since the baby is flushed in a toilet it may be an altogether different circumstance. For instance, the parents didn’t want the baby to live, as they didn’t expect anyone else to embrace it either.

This brings us to the other question: Why did the parents want to kill the baby?


May be they didn’t want the baby and wanted to begin afresh with their family plans. That’s trying for another baby.

In China, there’s One Child rule — that’s a couple can have only one living child. Just like India, Chinese society favors boys. This means that Girls and not fully perfect babies are less welcomed. Since a couple can raise only one child, the moment a girl is born, many parents either give her for Adoption or sometimes abandon as well. Don’t know, but just like India, female foeticide may also be taking place in China.

Now let’s come to the Thought, Many a times we listen Indians lamenting the population of the country. For many Indians, “A Two Child or a Single Child norm” is the solution to India’s population problem. Whoever proposes this solution to India’s’ population problem; haven’t thought over the issue broadly. If one sees the issue from a broader perspective, it will be realized that if India has such a norm, then both female foeticide and abandoning of newborns with congenital defects will increase. And no sane citizen will want such a situation.