Why NIA Officer Tanjeel Ahmad’s murder looks revenge Killing!

When NIA Officer Tanjeel Ahmad’s brutal murder was tagged a terrorist Act committed by our neighbour in retaliation to the Pathankot investigations, just hours after the murder, the logical Indians silently questioned, how can this conclusion be arrived at so fast.

What added to the suspicion was the presence of the CCTV Camera on the desolate place of crime.

Later it came to light that although Tanjeel Ahmad was a DSP with NIA, he was not associated with the Pathankot Terror Attack investigations.

From the very beginning the incident appeared more as some sort of revenge for some personal enmity. The brutality of the murder pointed to that angle. A terrorist just needs to plant a bomb to kill someone. The terrorist doesn’t care about  the prison and hence will not be bothered about who gets killed along with the intended target.

The latest conclusions of the investigations into the case say that it was indeed a revenge crime resulting from some personal enmity. If it cannot be some revenge killing, then it can’t be terror act either. It can be something else.

In case the investigative agencies roll back on their latest findings; even then the incident doesn’t look like a terror act, to sabotage the ongoing Pathankot attack investigations by India. Why? … As why will the so-called perpetrator, Pakistan, bother about the ongoing Indian investigation, when it’s not duty bound to accept the results of our investigations.

But such is the air in the country, that those at responsible positions are more than eager to give shades to such incidents. Even if they want to do that, they should at least wait for some days, so that the people get a perception that the conclusion being arrived at is fool-proof.