To Nitish Kumar : Imposing a blanket ban on alcohol NOT Good

Today, that’s April 4, 2016, Bihar became the fourth state in India to impose a total prohibition of alcohol.

As imposing a blanket ban on alcohol cannot succeed.

I don’t support such bans. And #BiharGettingDRY is Not GOOD!

It’s true that alcohol is addictive, but there are other aspects related to its consumption. Many people drink in order to escape from their lives, forget their troubles, or “drown their sorrows”. In short, it’s something which alters a person’s psychological state. Thus the common assumption that alcohol is a cause of major ills in society, may be true; but also true is the fact that it acts as a safety valve. That’s it calms the nerves by altering a person’s psychological state.

To sum up, this explains why some form of intoxication as a pastime has always exited throughout human history.

This explains why Armed Forces personnel get a fixed quota of alcohol every month, through out their life time. This explains why alcohol is allowed for medicinal purposes. Even after ban in Bihar, Army cantonment areas can continue to sell alcohol. Even addicts can procure liquor, after getting a prescription from a doctor.

Does this mean that people in Civil areas have NO right to escape from their lives or drown their sorrows by altering their psychological state? …Why such double-standards?

Today’s wrote-up may look funny to some, but it’s not. It’s putting things in right perspective.

Now lets talks about the other aspects of such blanket bans.

First of course is the right of people to amuse themselves with some kind of intoxication. Unfortunately, most of these Government diktats look at just the negative aspects of alcohol consumption, by succumbing to people pressure (a section of people, women and organisations). Which may not be the correct approach.

Why?… as Not every alcoholic is non-productive or good-for-nothing or nuisance creator. If that would be the truth, then the entire World would have collapsed by now. If the Bihar Government can allow addicts to procure alcohol through a doctor’s prescription, then why those who want to consume it responsibly be stopped from doing that.

It has been proved time and again that when you ban liquor, it is replaced by the Black market. Which is not a good thing as it not only devoids the Government of sizable revenue; it also increases the hardships of the common man. He/she is unnecessarily victimized and penalized for something which is quite a normal activity, when consumed responsibly.

Ideally, instead of imposing such bans on liquor sale (and consumption), the Government must focus on penalizing those who create nuisance after consuming alcohol. We have sufficient laws to take care of such activities. All the Government needs to do is strictly implement such Laws.

The Nitish Kumar Government in Bihar must seriously rethink its order of completely banning liquor in the state.