Nitish’s support to Ramnath Kovind actually opens JDU to Tough Questions

Ever since Nitish Kumar’s JDU decided to support the NDA backed Presidential Candidate Ramnath Kovind; a section of media is portraying the decision as a divided Opposition. This is not entirely true. Although JDU’s support to BJP led NDA Presidential candidate has resulted in a leaner Opposition, still it doesn’t mean a divided Opposition. Because rather than the Opposition, it is the JDU who has to justify the logic behind its decision to support Ramnath Kovind. The Opposition can easily justify its reasons for not supporting Ramnath Kovind. All these reasons will be the ideological ones. Unfortunately, JDU is not in a position to do so.

To many readers, the post of the President of India India is purely a symbolic one. When the fact is that — it’s not so.¬†Particularly during the election stage.

At the election stage, the political parties have to balance two important issues related to the question of : What an ideal Indian of President must look like?

The two important issues are:

1) What is the Ideal Image of the president of India as per the Constitution of India?

2) What is the ideal image of the president of India as per the party ideology?

Before lending its support to the presidential candidate, every political party wants to arrive at a fine balance between the two.

That’s why it’s often said that the although the post of the President of India is a nominal one, still its election is a time when political parties have to bare their ideologies.

Ramnath Kovind may be an ideal candidate for BJP led NDA, but he may not be so for a political party who in recent times fought elections against BJP on ideological question. JDU is one such party. That’s why, JDU cannot simply sweep aside the questions as a question of personal choice or respect for Ramnath Kovind. It has to give strong logic behind its decision to support the NDA’s Presidential candidate. The logic must be strong and palatable. Similar to the one given given by the Opposition. For instance, the Opposition opposes Kovind and supports Mira Kumar because of the former’s lifer long association with RSS.

To conclude, the Opposition’s displeasure at NDA’s presidential candidate cannot be explained more aptly than how Senior Journalist Vinod Dua Sees it. According to Dua — BJP’s Ramnath Kovind has done as much work for Dalits (as BJP wantsto tell); as BJP’s Shah Nawaz Hussain and Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has done for Muslims. Obviously, Dua is referring to the ideological works done by these people for their community, caste or religion.