No one can stop a person keen on to pick a Fight | proves BJP

Do you remember that classmate, neighbour , officer colleague of yours who is always more than eager to pick a fight?

Most probably you do.

Do you hate someone to such an extent that everytime you see him/her you start thinking , what you might have done to this person if toy were stronger, richer or powerful?

Most probably, you will find such a person as well. As humans, we all have this hate emotion.

But fortunately we choose to act mindful with respect to both the above scenarios. majority of is discourage ot at best ignore the quarreling tendencies of such person; and see our hate for a person, a simple case of dislike. Unconsciously we are convinced that both — “a person always eager to pick a fight” and ‘our hate for other human being’ are often illogical and hence detrimental to our progress. That’s why even when we become stronger, richer, more powerful, we keep focusing on positive things; constantly keep reminding ourselves that picking on fights and alienating people, and hating a fellow human being is not a progressive act.

What BJP star campaigners for the UP By elections — Yogi Aditya Nath, Laxmikant Bajpai and others are doing ever since they donned the job (and for which they prepared themselves throughout their lives), is just the same :

They are trying their best to pick a fight and are trying to create an atmosphere of hate for some reason.

BJP is in the reckoning for close to two decades now. But the was it’s behaving this time is surprising even its critics. Why is this party which came to power on a higher moral ground behaving the way it’s behaving today?

BJP as a political party in power couldn’t have behaved this way, as Governance itself in itself is an all inclusive job,aimed at doing positive acts for all. So what has changed in the BJP which suddenly became a party of Yogi Aditya nath type star campaigners?

Is it the RSS?

BJP may give credit to one single person for its Lok Sabha Elections 2014 win; but inside it knows that the source of its power. It’s the RSS and its fringe organisations. That’s why no matter how BJP may try, it will remain a cadre based party in power. The 283 seats in the Lok Sabha 2014 has brought the cadres to the forefront. They are buoyed by enthusiasm, as somehow their experiment in LS Polls 2014 has given the results. That’s why they think the same strategy will keep on succeeding in every elections.

The silence of the PM on Yogi Adityanath recent vitriolic statements and the unending propaganda indicates to an understanding between the BJP and its cadres on ground, as to who will govern and who win elections. And that no one will encroach on the territory of the other. In this light, PM’s silence on the statements aimed at enticing votes for his party can be purely strategic or PM’s helplessness to contain the situation. Helplessness, as there are real chances that Mr. Modi may not be in the decision making role in the election campaign effort, to the extent we think he might be.

This is not surprising, as after becoming the Prime Minister, the incumbent does get distanced from winning elections. The situation aggravates even more, when the PM and the Party President are two People (a situation BJP called Dual Power Centres during UPA). Thus Narendra Modi may not be instrumental in deciding the star campaigners for any upcoming elections. He may have given full freedom to a few intelligent poll planners in the party, but the test of his authority is not in granting full freedom. The test of his authority now is — What would have been the case, had he tried to put a restrict on this unfettered freedom.

On lighter note, a silent Modi in Parliament, often makes one wonder — Does the PM’s post make the incumbent silent, or is it the other way round. That the person has to remain silent as he’s on the PM’s chair?

As of now, BJP seems desperate to polarise the atmosphere, wherever it has to go to polls. In yesterday’s Lucknow incident, all the protests staged by the BJP revolved around the demand to get the rally permission at a place, they never applied for in their application to the district Administration. The place they applied for as the rally venue was different. When the media brought this to the notice of Yogi Adityanath and others, they said they intended permission for the place they were staging the blockade and the venue mentioned in the application was mistakenly written. The BJP leaders dared the election Commission and the Administration to remove them from the protesting location. All this while, they kept making statements, with no concern for the traffic jam and anarchy that prevailed for hours.

Laxmikant Bajpai defended the reported anarchy and inconvenience to the commuters, by saying that Congress can do no more than lodging complaints at the Election Commission. This because — the party has no support, no cadre on the Ground.

Yes, Mr. Laxmikant Bajpai , you can do anything, say anything, when you have cadres on ground to fight.