Nokia 301 Budget Phone launched in India

Nokia 301 Budget Phone launched in India. Dual SIM. Launches Nokia 301 in India. 3.2 MP Camera. 3.5G Internet Experience. Rs. 5349.


Finnish phone maker Nokia yesterday launched in India its budget phone, Nokia 301. The phone can ordered from one of the e commerce sites in India as well.

Nokia 301 Budget Phone

Nokia 301

Nokia 301 Budget Phone:

Nokia 301 is a basic feature phone or budget phone. This means that Nokia 301 is primarily meant for calling and receiving calls; spiced up with some additional features which every basic phone user wants to use — Like a camera, FM etc. But Nokia 301 has something more, some advanced features and camera options, which could rival entry-level smartphones.

Nokia 301 budget phone is a dual-SIM phone which, comes with an easy-swap mode, letting users swap the SIM cards without having to power off their devices. Notably, the easy Swap SIM Card feature was first introduced with their Asha flagship, Nokia Asha 501. Nokia’s subsequent Asha Series feature phones have retained  the feature since then.

Nokia 301 Budget Phone Specs and Features:

1) Based on Asha 40 platform

2) Has a traditional keyboard and a ‘tiny’ 2.4-inch basic LCD Transmissive display.

3) Supports 3.5G internet speed according to Nokia.

4) The USP of the Nokia 301 can be its Camera. Nokia 301 has a camera which many smartphones of today are having. Nokai 301 budget phone has a  3.2 MP cam (Interestingly Nokia XPress Music 5800, a smartphone launched by Nokia in 2008 with Rs 15000 price tag, had the 3.2 MP Carl Zeiss sensor ). To enable the shooting experience, Nokia has provided features like step-by-step voice instructions to guide the user through the process of taking the perfect self-portrait. The phone also comes with a 100-degree Panorama function, a feature most amateur photographers love. This basically helps take wide shots. Nokia 301 also supports something what Nokia calls ‘sequential shooting’, which essentially takes upto 5 pictures in one shot.

5) Nokia 301 budget phone comes with a 1200 mAh battery. This Nokia claims offers 6 hours 3G talk time and 936 hours 3G standby time.

6) Connectivity Options include USB 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0. There is NO WiFi support or NFC (Near Field Connectivity).

This is what, Mr. Viral Oza, Director Marketing,Nokia India said on the eve of the launch,

“Nokia has been bringing smart innovation on mobile devices to newer price points, feeding the vast appetite for smarter internet experience for consumers who are young, urban, hyper-social and want the smartest features at affordable prices. The Nokia 301 is a power packed feature rich phone with 3.5G internet experience and smart camera. Being the first feature phone that can take panoramic pictures, there’s a lot more that you can do with its camera with 5 in one camera app, panorama mode, sequential shots and a clever little self-portrait mode that audibly prepares you for your next glamorous picture.”

Nokia 301 Budget Phone price in India:

Rs 5349

Nokia 301 Budget Phone Availability in India:

Available in colours — Black, White, Cyan, Yellow or Fuchsia.

First View:

You will be wondering, Who in India is using Feature or basic phones today?  The question becomes even more important when  one contemplates this question, keeping in view India’s growing Young population and a number of popular indigenous & China based inexpensive smartphone makers in India.

While trying to answer this question, one realises that there may be a section of Indians which may be still willing to buy these basic budget phones — phones which are meant for calling and are easy to use. Any additional feature to spice up the primary function of the phone is a virtue. One such group may be the people who are in their late 50s or early 60s and; who are somewhat intimidated by the feature rich smartphones. The demographics that can be included here are not so young and particularly “Reluctant To learn new things” adults,  grandfathers-grandmothers, etc.

For such buyers, the robustness and simplicity of a phone is a virtue. An FM, a decent looking easy to use Camera are additional virtues. From the look of it, Nokia 301 budget phone appears just right for such buyers. The idea here is, gift your budget phone loving father or mother this camera, give them some simple lessons to use the phone; and they will keep loving you.

Nokia is known for making robust phones. Hence, from the look at the compactness of the phone feature-wise, it appears the phone will be alright on experience front. But even then actual hands-on will give a fair idea on how it performs.