Nokia Wellness Diary can help in your weight loss efforts

If you have postponed your “New Year fitness or weight loss resolution” for the first four months of 2011; with the fifth above the half way stage; then it is time for your humble smartphone, to remind and encourage you of your promise.

Install a very capable mobile app in your smartphone, and stop your promise breaking ways right now.

If you have a Nokia smartphone, then we can suggest you an app right now (if you have an iPhone,blackberry or some android phone, then just make a simple search and you will be shown many capable apps).

Nokia Wellness Diary, is an app that can help you in your fitness or your weight loss efforts [App Discontinued]. Here is how the app puts you back to fitter ways:

Here is a short list of recent changes:

The app has added the following updates today:

1) Facebook sharing added
2) Some changes to default sharing texts when sharing to Twitter
3) Power consumption improvements added to Step counter
4) Separation of walking and running steps under Steps monitor
5) Improved out-of-box experience: simpler and more informing out-of-box experience
6) Scheduled Tips functionality added: Wellness Diary will automatically send certain tips and recommendations based on how long the user has been using Wellness Diary. This new feature may cause you getting same tips which you have already received earlier.
7) Subscribe/unsubscribe functionality added to services: You can subscribe to /unsubscribe from using services such as Wellness Diary Tips and Wellness Diary Rewards (Found under Profile > Services).

The app is Free and is available at Ovi Store [App Discontinued].

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