It cannot be Muslim appeasement | Mecca Masjid Blast

Minutes after the acquittal of Hindutva activists accused of Mecca Masjid Blast in Hyderabad by special NIA Court, a couple hastags started trending on Twitter. The hashtags namely #CongressAgainstHindus #NIA etc. tried to make one point: Congress invented the concept of Hindutva terror to appease Muslims. The hashtags seemed sponsored, and the tweets therein went on to the extent of demanding an apology from the Congress.

Whether Congress must apologize or not, is for it to decide. As the party seems to have got itself in a precarious situation now. If it says Hindutva terror (it never said Hindu terror, as Hindutva and Hindu are hindutva terror, Mecca Masjid Blast hyderabad, special nia court, #CongressAgainstHindusdifferent entities) exists in India, then it will offend those who identify themselves also as Hindus. If it denies it now, then it will amount to it lying to people then (in 2008). So it is difficult situation to be in for any political party, irrespective of whether any extremist terror is present or not.

But there is one question which must be asked even if Congress apologizes tomorrow. The question is:

Why would Congress go public with the concept of “Saffron terror” or “Hindutva terror” when 8 out of every 10 people in India, identify themselves as Hindus?

If the resulting political backlash is making Congress uncomfortable today, then wouldn’t it be comfortable for it then?

In simple, Congress would be naive to create or invent the concept of Hindutva terror; and lose 8 out of every 10 voters. Looked this way, Hindutva terror doesn’t seem to be some invention or some created concept.

This question must be asked. Because extremist terror of any shade or motivation, ultimately kills innocent people.

The explosion of a crude bomb at the historic Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad in May 2007 had left nine dead and at least 58 injured.