NOTA as a Deceptive Tactic | DUSU Elections 2016-17

The NOTA (None Of the Above) choice has been introduced in Delhi University Students Elections or DUSU Elections 2016-17.

About 17000 students chose NOTA in this year’s DUSU elections.

I’ve always felt that NOTA is NOT for confident voters.

Why I think so? As it shows indecisiveness on the part of the voter.

The act of casting a vote is not to choose the Ideal candidate. The act is to choose the best candidate among the choices available. NOTA misguides the voter into assuming that his/her responsibility is to choose the Ideal candidate. Something which the election process at this stage is not for.

NOTA would have been a viable choice, if the EC would have a provision of cancelling the election, if a certain percentage of votes are NOTA. But since this is not the case, hence pressing NOTA simply means an inability to make up one’s mind.

Thus going to the polling booth and pressing NOTA means confusion. Which is not a good thing to do, as life is all about making choices among alternates available.

At present, I see NOTA as some sort of deceptive tactic. A tactic being used to discourage floating voters from casting their votes. Floating voters are those who have yet to make their minds about which candidate or party to vote for.

The presumption looks logical, as individuals who were rallying people to choose NOTA before elections, and those who are very vocal in favor of NOTA even now, don’t appear confused. They seem to be individuals with distinct political leanings. Such individuals are least expected to press NOTA.

Hence, before choosing NOTA, any intelligent person must think twice. There may be a real possibility that the person speaking in favor of NOTA may be be doing so to cut one rival vote.

To conclude, if you don’t like the candidates contesting an election, don’t go to the polling booth, as voting is not a Compulsory duty. Thus, going there and pressing NOTA is not only indecisiveness on the voter’s part but it’s also a plain waste of time.

The best thing to do is: Go to the polling booth and cast a vote in favor of a candidate. You will feel much better as you have fulfilled your responsibility.

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