Now Nawaz Sharif behaving Like A Dehati Aurat

It’s now Nawaz Sharif behaving Like A Dehati Aurat


nawaz sharif

Nawaz Sharif

The day Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in an informal chat with some Indian and Pakistani journalists compared Indian PM Manmohan Singh to a ‘Dehati Aurat’ (Village Woman), one who takes every matter to the village headmen (read USA); he wouldn’t have thought that he himself would be behaving like one that early. The moment came this fortnight when Nawaz Sharif requested US President Barack Obama to intervene in the Kashmir issue.

People often mistake Humbleness for Weakness

The day Sharif compared Indian PM with a Dehati Aurat, he may be at his masculine best. He wanted to portray to his guests how manly he is. If you look at his comparison closely, it was a typical statement of a Zamindar (landlord)– Who sees every woman as an entity, who always needs a powerful man to protect her. For Nawaz Sharif’s Dehati Aurat, that powerful man is the USA. But ironically, Sharif forgot to understand that Men too have hierarchies. And by comparing his Indian counterpart with the weak Dehati Aurat, he indirectly portrayed himself as a subordinate man to the US.

Going further. The day BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi narrated the Nawaz Sharif’s Dehati Aurat incident from the Red Fort rally; he overlooked the fact that while narrating the incident, his rally got transformed into some inconsequential kitty party; where the participants gossip about issues masquerading them as sympathies, empathies etc.

PM Man Mohan Singh

PM Man Mohan Singh

People often mistake Humbleness for Weakness. It’s unfortunate that in cultures like India and Pakistan, where being soft spoken and less talkative were once seen as virtues; we hear public rhetorics like “46 inch ki Chhati” and “Dehati Aurat Se Tulna kaise Ki”.  Who are we trying to intimidate or demean with such public utterings?  The fact of the matter is — Only a Bully walks with an expanded chest; and a Dehati Aurat is much stronger than many of us think.