NRC and exclusion from 2019 General Elections voter List

Amidst Assam NRC arguments online and offline, an interesting revelation has come from the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) or Election Commission of India.

The clarification or revelation, whatever one wants to call it, is a puzzle in itself.

According to the Election Commission of India,

All eligible voters will be able to vote in next year’s general elections even if their names have been excluded in Assam’s draft National Register of Citizens (NRC), Only those not in the final NRC will not be able to vote.

The Election Commission’s clarification is puzzling for one simple reason.

Assam nrc, Election Commission assam voter list, Chief Electoral Officer, National Register of Citizens assamThe Election Commission’s statement presumes that those excluded from the NRC are unhappy or distressed because they(those excluded) cannot vote in the next year’s (2019) Lok Sabha elections!

Honestly speaking, if political parties are blamed for seeing people as mere votes banks, then the EC’s statement seems to beat even those purely political creatures.

To conclude, it is not nit-picking. It is about seeing issues in perspective.

A person whose citizenship is in question will be thinking about real challenges. For such a person inability to vote in an upcoming election is NOT a real challenge.

Ideally, it would have been better, if the EC would have simply given its voter list road map for Assam.

If NRC doesn’t come under EC, then why jump the gun (here speaking unnecessarily).