Number of Facebook users in India as of March 2014

The Number of Facebook users in India cross the 100 million mark or 10 crore mark by end March 2014.

Facebook_like_thumbWith close to a billion Facebook users worldwide, Facebook in itself can be called a country with citizens of multi-nationality. Set up in 2004 from a college dorm, Facebook had 1.23 billion users across the world as of December 31 , 2013. Isn’t it amazing. Even Zukerberg wouldn’t have imagined the Facebook growing that big. Or who knows, he might had.

Out of the 125 crore Indian population , more than 10 crore are on Facebook. This means 12.5 percent of Indians are on Facebook now. Can we call these Facebook Indians ? You decide.

With Social media giant Facebook crossing 100 million active users in India, India has become Facebook’s largest base outside the US. This means India has become the second ranked country in terms of Facebook users. Once Orkut was ‘the social network of Indians’.

According to Facebook India Head of Growth & Mobile Partnerships Kevin D’Souza told PTI., what is great about these Facebook Indians is that most of these are active users, who access Facebook actively in India each month. That’s they religiously log into their Facebook accounts to socialize and many a times lobby. We can’t dispute this statement, as Facebook has a great user engagement. That’s majority of Facebook users do spend time on the social network.

What contributed to the rise in Number of Facebook users in India ? 

There are a few factors :

1) Burgeoning smartphone adoption

2) Increasing Internet penetration in the country. Foremost is the mobile internet. The surge in lined internet is also there; but the surge in the number of Facebook users in India is primarily because surge in smartphones and mobiles in India . A fact acknowledged by Facebook. According to Facebook, 84 million of its 100 million users in India access the social networking site from their mobile devices.

Facebook , with its headquarters in California USA, has already projected that future growth will come from mobile, as more users in emerging markets, especially India, log on to the site through handheld devices.

3) The Facebook increased its user base in India especially after it set up its first office in India in 2010 in Hyderabad. In 2010 Back then, the number of Facebook users in India were about 8 million or 80 Lakh.

4) Conventional media quoting Twitter and Facebook in their programmes. One more contributing factor is BJP and some tech savvy politicians using Facebook and Twitter in its political campaigns.

Increase in Facebook Daily Active Users over the Years :

Facebook saw its global daily active users (DAUs) rise by 22 per cent to 757 million during December from 618 million in the year-ago period, helped by growth in major markets, including Brazil, India and the US.

Worldwide mobile DAUs rose 49 per cent to 556 million on average during December from 374 million during December 2012.

Increase in Monthly active users (MAUs) in India in the last One year

India stood at 93 million at the end of December, 2013. Out of these, 75 million or 7.5 Crore logged in through their mobile phones. DAUs from India stood at 41 million in the October-December quarter of 2013, while mobile DAUs stood at 31 million. That’s about 76 percent of Facebook users were logging in once a day.

Attention Marketers , Bloggers ! Pay attention to Number of Facebook users in India :

The basic foundation of any marketing exercise is to catch the eye balls or attention. With a billion Facebook users world-wide; ignoring Facebook will be foolish.